Comments on Craven District Council Local Plan (final draft)

from Embsay with Eastby Parish Council


Appendix C relating to draft policy SP12:

Page 12: Para 2.10

Subject: Transport     Nature: Concern


Embsay is quoted as having a 'good and frequent' bus service to Skipton. The Parish Council contests this view and believes it was drawn up prior to the termination of the regular Pennine bus service. The current NYCC service starts at 9.10 am from the village to deny work people needing to reach Skipton and its employment facilities before 9.00am the opportunity to benefit from the service. Similarly, the last bus from Skipton leaves at 16.20 pm. Between these times the service runs on an hourly basis. There is no bus service on Saturday and a limited service on a Sunday. Eastby lacks a bus service at any time during the week and with a very infrequent limited service on a Sunday. Consequently, there is an increased reliance on car journeys which in turn compounds the problems of insufficient parking in Skipton.

Again, there should be full consultation with NYCC relating to public transport and the opportunity taken to actively encourage and fund the rail link between Embsay station and Skipton station. Transfer of CIL to benefit parishes immediately surrounding Skipton would be welcomed to contribute towards the funding of this suggestion.  

Appendix C to draft Policy SP12:

Page 43: Para 9.9

Subject: Education    Nature: Concern


Embsay school is identified as having a predicted shortfall of spaces for pupil numbers. Currently the school is almost at full capacity. Although there are no new housing developments in this Local Plan for the parish, it does show extant approvals for 90 new houses. The Plan makes no provision for accommodating additional pupils either from the parish itself or from the significant numbers of houses (some already approved and others scheduled in the Plan) in Skipton, from where a significant number (approx 30%) of pupils already attend Embsay. There should be a recognition of the need for full and constructive dialogue between NYCC and CDC in the granting of further housing consents and the full use of Community Infrastructure Levy arrangements to ensure local communities have a primary school fit for purpose, in terms of its capacity and location, to encourage the stability of local community life for families with children below the age of 11.




 Pre-Publication Local Plan (PPLP)

PPLP Page 102

Subject: ENV2 Heritage.        Nature: Support


The Parish Council supports the proposals for improved maintenance and creation of new footpaths to complement the emerging concept of a Parish Heritage trail which the Parish Council proposes to create for tourism and educational benefit.


PPLP Page 119

Subject: ENV6 Flood Risk.     Nature: Concern


The Parish Council is concerned that no mention is made in the plan of Embsay’s increasing incidence of flooding at Bow Bridge. This is the cumulative effect of increased rates of surface water discharges from individual building projects (extensions and roof alterations, increased areas of hard surfaces etc.) The topography and subsoil nature prevailing in the parish both lead to an increased loading on main watercourses through the parish, cumulating in a specific restriction of a culvert where Haw Beck passes beneath the Grassington/Skipton Network Railline. This is the primary cause of flooding on the main access road between the parish and Skipton. The Parish Council urges that this problem be recognised and every attempt made to prevent the problem becoming more severe, from schemes which fall below both NPPF and NPPG guidelines and sustainable drainage requirements for new developments. As part of the solution the ‘Victorian’ tunnels through the railway embankment need to be replaced with wider diameter piping.

Recognition should also be given to the flooding which occurs on the two secondary roads serving the parish and which might otherwise provide relief safe transport routes to and from Skipton should the main access be flooded. These are Low Lane at Water Lane Laithe and Brackenley Lane at the railway underpass. The recently completed flood alleviation schemes serving Skibden Beck and Eller Beck do not provide any relief for the specific problems mentioned.


PPLP Page 132

ENV 10 Local Green Spaces  . Nature: Support


The Parish Council commends the proposals for Embsay with Eastby. These are particularly necessary to safeguard the intrinsic character of the two physically separate communities comprising Embsay and Eastby. In addition, the parcels of land (EM -LGS 2,3 and 6) within the Embsay Conservation Area, contribute significantly to the character of the Area and reflect its historic roots and development.

EM - LGS 11 is also important in that a frequently used and enjoyed footpath bounds one side of the designated area, providing recreational value. It is also of incidental benefit for safe use by pedestrians, thereby avoiding a significant length of Kirk Lane where there is no footpath to either side of the carriageway. This area also adjoins the boundary of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and provides an important ‘buffer’ between the developed parts of the parish and the more open nature and valuable landscape of the Park.

PPLP Page 138 and Page 164

ENV 12 and EC4 Footpaths, bridleways and cycle routes.            Nature: Support / Concern


The Parish Council supports this policy to particularly reduce the number of cyclists on the roads which are increasing, to a point where many secondary routes are becoming unsuitable for mixed cycle and vehicle traffic with a significant increase in safety risks. There are a number of ‘designated’ cycle routes through the Craven villages. It is the Parish Councils’ view that a Policy of signing ‘PRIME CYCLE ROUTE’ s made available to the parishes concerned, would help to alleviate the risk of accidents.


PPLP Page 141

ENV 13 Green Wedges.         Nature: Support


The Parish Council commends this policy to ensure that the intrinsic character of Craven and its discrete communities are kept physically separate and, in particular, to maintain such a clear green division between Embsay with Eastby and the urban conurbation of Skipton.


PPLP Page 202

INF 4 Parking              Nature: Concern

The Parish Council believes that for Skipton and its surrounding parishes (particularly those bordering the YDNP where tourism demands are increasing) visitor parking is currently inadequate and additional facilities are essential to ensure the present primary economy base is maintained and also provide scope for development.  Multi-tier parking schemes should be developed in architecturally sympathetic styles to the surrounding townscape.

The Parish Council is acutely aware of the pressures for kerbside parking, particularly in older parts of the developed areas of the district, and would suggest incorporation of a restricted development policy in the Plan to discourage increases in kerbside parking, arising from an increase in bedroom numbers, due to the extension or conversion of non-habitable parts of existing housing, where no scope for off road parking currently exists. A number of existing Local Plans (for example: Darwen Borough Council and Swale Borough Council) have incorporated a policy of requiring increased off-street parking where there are additional bedrooms. Embsay with Eastby Parish Council believes that a policy of this nature should be added to the Craven District Local Plan.


Appendix C to Draft Policy Section 3

Pages 20 – 21 Local Road Network  Nature: Concern


The Parish Council is disappointed that proposals to reduce traffic congestion in Skipton appear to fall well short of being adequate to meet commuter, resident and tourism demands, particularly at peak times. These problems will only increase further with the planned levels of housing development, not only in Skipton but also in the surrounding service villages, and the additional vehicle movements that these will generate

The Parish Council is particularly concerned that no provision has been made in the plan for the inevitable increase in traffic that will be generated by the proposed housing development on the A6131 at the junction of The Bailey (Harrogate Road) and Skipton Road into Embsay, nor for the roundabouts at either end of the High Street.  (Of particular concern, also are the increased traffic flows evident on market days, given that tourism is to be encouraged).

The Parish Council would also request that an investigation be made into the controlled phasing of the pelican crossings on both Keighley Road and Swadford Street. There are regular traffic hold ups at these two points, causing traffic to ’back up’ at the Caroline Square junction and all roads off, causing increased congestion and exacerbated by trader and delivery parking rendering the High Street effectively a single lane.

The District Council must remain mindful of the fact that Craven is a largely rural area and Skipton a rural town with an intrinsic nature and consideration should be given to what is acceptable in a rural community. This must be maintained in terms of traffic management and standards which may be acceptable in an urban or city environment should not be used as a ‘yardstick’.