Annual Parish Meeting


Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting

10th May 2017 at 7 pm

1.     Welcome and Housekeeping


Councillors in attendance, Chair Cllr Shuttleworth, Vice Chair Cllr Benjamin, Cllr Smith,   Cllr Stead, Cllr Hill and Cllr Kirkbride. Eight (8) Members of the Public and the

Parish Clerk

 2. Apologies for Absence 

Cllr Chatwin, County Councillor Quin

 3.     Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 11th May 2016

No matters arising.  Proposed by Cllr Smith and Seconded by Cllr Benjamin that the minutes be approved as a correct record. All Agreed and Signed.

 4.     Chairman’s Report

The Chairman thanked everyone who had contributed to the Annual Report, in particular the Clerk for her hard work. Thanks, were expressed to all the members for their hard work through the year and in particular the Vice Chair Cllr Benjamin for her support to the Chairman. 

There have been many visual improvements in the villages reflecting all the hard work of everyone involved.  These included the Nature Reserve, Tanney Lane and Primrose Glen. The Chairman referred to issues presently under considerations these included: Flooding in the Recreation Ground and possible drainage work in the future. 

Cllr Stead reported that the Football Association (Grant Funders) is offering advice and support on this matter, and will be visiting shortly.

An increase in Dog Fouling has been of concern and the Parish Council have highlighted this matter vigorously over the past year on the website noticeboards and social media. Providing free emergency dog bags in various locations. The Embsay with Eastby News have also highlighted this problem in an attempt to educate and inform dog owners of their responsibility to clean up after their pets.     

A major project for the coming year is the acquisition of the Car Park Lease. Regular updates on this will appear on the Parish Council Agenda and Website.

5.     District Councillor Report (Circulated) Years Highlights

A very busy first year and a lot to get used to with new procedural structures being implemented. Not a lot relevant in particular to the parish, apart from the revised waste collections, which have taken awhile to settle in, but will hopefully be more efficient and cost effective in the future.

Craven District Council have had two High Court cases to deal with, the appeals will be heard in June. The Station fence and tipping by the railway as been raised with Craven District Council Environmental Planning.

6.      Thanks to Outgoing County Cllr. / Welcome to New County Cllr. 

The Chairman acknowledged and thanked Sheila Marshall for her many years of service and dedication to the parish and wished her well for the future as she continues her work in Westminster.

The Chairman gave apologies of the new County Councillor Mrs Gillian Quin and formally invited her to attend future Ordinary Parish Council meetings next will be on 14th June 2017. 

7.     Guest Speaker/Charlotte Foster “Good Neighbours Scheme” 

Charlotte Forster gave a short presentation on the reasons and formulation of the “Good Neighbours Scheme” in Embsay and Eastby.  Highlighting the advantages to elderly residents and carers and families. Encouragement and knowledge of neighbours who may need the assistance of the scheme but either not aware or reluctant to make contact. The scheme is funded by Awards for All and is open to all residents. The situation now is more volunteers than customers, please spread the word and if anyone know anyone in the parish who might benefit from the scheme please get in touch. 

Chairman thanked Charlotte for her interesting presentation and encouraged everyone present to spread the word and take the opportunity to use these services while they can.

8.    Parishioners’ Forum

  • Comment from parishioner was that he felt the spirit of the Parish Council is good and reflex’s well in the Annual Report.
  • The Parish Councils transparency and open friendly atmosphere and ethos at council meetings is encouraging.
  • This may be the wrong time of year to ask but as there been any response from CDC regarding flooding at Bow Bridge?

Chairman responded - that CDC have said no to requests for flood defences at Bow Bridge as it does not have a significant impact. 

  • Four or five years ago CDC were talking of a Neighbourhood Plan as this died a death?

Chairman responded – Neighbourhoods need to develop into the Local Development Plan. Time and money wasted in the past by places like Gargrave and Bradley have shown this. 

  • Ten or twelve years ago the then Parish Council had a Tree Committee would this council consider doing a review of this? 

We will look at this at the next Ordinary Parish Council meeting 14th June.

  • Thanks, expressed for all the hard work of the Parish Council, this is evidenced in the appearance of the parish. It’s a pity more residents don’t attend the Parish Meetings to hear about it.
  • A Question raised on the increase of hard cash payed by residents to the Parish Council Precept, why 25% in 3 years? 

Chairman offered a brief explanation for these increase’s: - Pervious precepts were not best managed and not a lot to show for it. This present PC has been extremely pro-active in getting things looking better for the benefit of the community.  County office abandoned a lot of services and we stepped in to fill that shortfall. We employ local contractors to grass cut, the number of which have increased, due to seasonal changes and County and District changes in services. The Car Park lease will have an initial cost and some ongoing maintence costs which were explained at the Public Information Meeting earlier this year. This increase works out at approx. £10 per household per year.

  • Comment from George Howard who helps put together the Parish Councils Un-Audited Accounts – He has been an accountant for over 20 years and has been involved in the Parish Councils Accounts since 2002 – 2017 during this period the increase to the Precept has been 50% in total, this is by no means out of proportion to the cost of work done.
  • Cllr Kirkbride passed on a verbal comment from a parishioner who could not make it to the meeting. That he was very pleased that the Parish Council was open to communication. 

The Chairman thanked everyone for their comments and any questions raised requiring further response will be dealt with at the next Parish Council Meeting.

9.    Concluding Remarks and Acknowledgement 

The Chair thanked everyone for his or her support, which is much appreciated and we all look forward to an interesting and exciting year ahead. The public were invited to stay for refreshments. 

Meeting closed at 8pm 

Signed: ___________________________ Dated: __________


Embsay with Eastby Parish Council Annual Report 2015-16