Draft Minutes PC Meeting 10th October 2018


Minutes of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 10th October 2018, 7:30pm in the Methodist Chapel       Main Street, Embsay.

PRESENT: Chair Cllr Benjamin, Cllr’s Stella Kirkbride, Vince Smith, Robert Stead, David Hill

Also, in Attendance: County Councillor Quinn, Parish Clerk and 1 member of the public

Welcome: Chair welcomed everyone for their attendance - and opened the meeting.

1.    APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllr Shuttleworth, Cllr Ayrton.





The last Ordinary Parish Council Meeting was held on the 12th September 2018. The minutes of this meeting had been circulated previously.                                                           Approved and Signed


Clerk reported on all matters arising:

    5.1   Dog Bin on Kirk Lane pathway.

Site visit with CDC representative indicated the path was not wide enough to accommodate the conventional bin, enquires as to alternatives will be made.                                                   Ongoing



    6.1  County Councillor Quinn – reported continuing road closures across the District were causing delays and general frustration, these included Broughton Road and Kex Gill.  The single lane controls will remain on Kex Gill for a further 6 weeks. The road will be completely closed the first week of December. NYCC website provides information on all active and proposed road closures. The bridge repairs on the A59 resulting in Broughton Road closures should be completed before Christmas


Cllr Kirkbride asked why these works couldn’t be completed quicker by including night work?


CC Cllr Quinn couldn’t comment on the strategy but thought that there possibly may be cost implications. But if a three-way system had been in place to allow Broughton Road to stay open the work time would have been extended by 10 weeks.


Regarding the grass verge issue on West Lane an appointment with Area 5 would be arranged and the possible Health & Safety issue raised.


    6.2  District Councillor Shuttleworth – Did not attend. Full report circulated prior to meeting. Points raised:


  • In respect of the 9 houses development on Laurel Croft, the Craven District planning committee voted for approval, with conditions for the retention of 2 affordable houses and opposed the option for a commuted sum to be transferred for housing elsewhere in the district. It further agreed the removal of permitted development rights in respect of both forecourt and rear gardens, to protect the character of the Conservation Area and the backdrop to the listed War Memorial.

7.    PCSO REPORT – No report received



    8.1   Planning Updates – Circulated  

Responses – Clerk Verbal Report - applications submitted and responded to: -

C/26/789  Brackenley Lane, Embsay – No Objection


    9.1   Village Maintenance Report – Cllr Benjamin – points raised:

  • Streetlights out on Brackenley Lane and Skipton Road corner are now back on.
  • Redundant post on Brackenley Lane and Skipton Road corner  CDC advised it will be removed within a month.                                                                                         
  • PC owned streetlight on Rockville Terrace in need of repair – Clerk to Action

    9.2   Volunteers’ Report – Cllr Benjamin – Nothing to report

  • Cllr Kirkbride reported that a Litter Pick would take place on October 20th meeting at 10am in the Car Park.  Arrangements have been made with CDC to remove rubbish. Refreshments will be provided in the Village Institute Hall for the willing volunteers afterwards.

    9.3 Road Safety Report – Cllr Smith – Verbal report

  • The VAS sign for Kirk Lane will be installed sometime in February 2019.


  • The Parish Council’s concerns regarding the removal of the grass verge on West Lane have been raised with County Councillor Quinn and North Yorkshire Highways Head Office. This is seen as a matter of urgency, before more grass verges in the village are taken for private use.


  • A mapping exercise has taken place on the numbers and condition of existing grit buckets within the parish. The proposed action is to supply the lists of buckets to (and request necessary supplies from) NYCC Area 5 before winter.

 Cllr Hill/Clerk to Action


    9.4  Speedwatch Report - Cllr Hill – points raised

  • Deployment on the 5th September Skipton Road 16:00 – 17:00 recorded 390 vehicles 7 reported speeding.
  • Deployment on the 2nd October Skipton Road 16:00 – 17:00 recorded 368 vehicles 2 reported speeding.
  • Deployment on the 4th October Kirk Lane 08:30 -09:30 recorded 102 vehicles 2 reported speeding of which 1 was reported for a second time.

    9.5  Nature Reserve Report –  Cllr Hill – .points raised

  • Preparations for the viewing platform at the weir at Embsay Beck are now going ahead. John Oldfield will now draw up plans for further discussions with YDNP for project funding.
  • A grant of £500 has been applied for, for the purchase of a new entrance gate to the reserve from NYCC Community Projects.

CC Quinn confirmed this has now been approved.

  • Water levels in the pond have dropped again, investigations are in progress to see if leaks are the cause or just lack of surface water run in.
  • Grass areas have all now been strimmed.
  • 2018/19 budget will be prepared for the PC to include a nominal sum for administration and refreshment costs

    9.6  Recreation Ground – Cllr Stead – Verbal Report  – points raised:

  • Request for a digger to clear garden area by playground by the Friends of the Recreation Ground had been received.

Cllr Benjamin asked for more details.                                        .                Cllr Stead to Action

  • A quote for drainage work has been received.
  •  Tesco funding standing in 2nd place at the moment.

    9.7  Communication & IT –Cllr Stead – Verbal Report – points raised:

  • Updates have taken place including the new recent planning page.

Cllr Smith asked if the Centenary Celebrations Weekend advertising could be more prominent and include the updated poster (provided).

    9.8  Fair Trade/Village Institute – Cllr Kirkbride – Verbal Report – points raised:

  • The Information/Training session on the 18th September to instruct users on the new Heating and Lighting System was very well attended. BothCllr Kirkbride and Cllr Shuttleworth attended.
  • Village Institute website is now live with the booking system in place. A link to the PC website is required.                                                                                                        Cllr Stead to Action
  • The Fire assembly point is in the Car Park, A question was raised as to who needs to provide signage.

The Clerk informed the PC that this would be the responsibility of the Village Institute Committee.

  • The WI Centenary Celebration next year are now in the planning stages.
  • Fair-Trade “Swap Not Shop” event in the Village Hall on the 26th September was a great success.
  • Next Village Institute meeting will be on Monday 23rd October 2018

    9.9        Car Park – Cllr Stead - Verbal Report  - points raised

  • Most people using responsibly. One parking ticket issued recently by a Traffic Warden for parking on the pavement and double yellow lines.

Cllr Hill asked if Traffic Wardens had any jurisdiction within the Car Park.  The Clerk replied none.

    9.10    War Memorial Garden – Cllr Smith – Verbal Report  - points raised

  • Memorial Renovations have now been completed to a high standard.
  • Cherry Tree and Beech hedge pruning completed.
  • Final timetable of the weekend events will now be displayed

The Parish Council expressed its thanks to Cllr Smith for all his hard work on this project, often at most difficult times.


    10.1   Revised Meeting Schedule –Suggested revised meeting dates approved

       Proposed Cllr JB Seconded Cllr SK All Agreed


    10.2     Grant Requests – Art Group  £25   Approved

    Embsay Pre-School  £100 Refused.

                                                            Proposed  Cllr JB Seconded Cllr DH


     10.3          Memorial Cross Repair – Quote for £160 Approved Proposed Cllr DH Second Cllr VS


11. FINANCIAL MATTERS Clerk detailed invoiced report up to 03/09/2018 & 03/10/2018 was circulated and attached for approval of payments to the value of £1363.59                                                Approved


     11.1 Monthly Expenditure/Bank Reconciliation – (Circulated)                                                     Approved.

12.  REPORT OF THE PARISH CLERK - report circulated


Cllr Kirkbride asked if the Clerk had had any enquires regarding the casual vacancy for Parish Council?

Clerk responded: None

Cllr Kirkbride asked if any further communication had been received from Mr Snell regarding area of land behind the memorial?

Clerk responded: No                                        Action for Clerk to contact before November PC Meeting.



Items for discussion: Complaint Response – Insurers advise acknowledge only     Clerk to Action


Repair/New Sign Recreation Ground – Final draft circulated prior to meeting for members to consider.                                                                                                                  November Agenda         

Diary Dates –

 Meeting closed at 9:00pm

The next Parish Council Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 14th November 2018 Starting at 7:30pm. Venue: Methodist Chapel Main Street, Embsay. Contact Parish Clerk: Gillian Alcock Tel:07414850766 or Email:Alcockg@hotmail.co.uk