Draft Minutes PC Meeting 13th February 2019


Minutes of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 13th February 2019, 7:30pm in the Village Institute Main Street, Embsay.

PRESENT: Chair Cllr Benjamin, Cllr’s  Brian Shuttleworth, Stella Kirkbride, Vince Smith, Robert Stead, David Hill, Andrew Ayrton

Also, in Attendance: Parish Clerk and 5 members of the public

Welcome: Chair welcomed everyone for their attendance - and opened the meeting.

1.    APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: County Councillor Quinn




  • Sandra Wilkinson requested the Parish Council’s assistance in obtaining road cleaning and general clearing of vegetation along the whole of Pasture Road. She informed the Members that this never seems to get any attention and wanted to know whose responsibility it was.  It is unsightly and dangerous walking along the roadside avoiding the vegetation and moving more into the path of road vehicles.

Cllr Shuttleworth informed members that CDC were responsible for the street cleaning, but the hedging vegetation fell to NYCC.        

                                                     Clerk to make enquires and Action March Agenda

  • Liz Roodhouse requested that the Parish Council consider joining other village organisations in an open evening event to wish farewell to the Rev Louise Taylor on Saturday 16th March at the Village Institute. It will require a spokesperson from the Parish Council to provide a personal thankyou speech.

Cllr Benjamin to Action

There is also a request for a Parish Profile for the new incumbent               Clerk to Action

  • Allen Haspell informed the Parish Council that the NYCC electronic street lights data map was now up to date, following his personal campaign to ensure that the NYCC system had all the necessary information. However, the Rockville Terrace light belonging to the Parish Council was still out of order.

Cllr Benjamin thanked Mr Haspell on behalf of the Parish Council and the Parish for all his time and commitment to rectifying this.

Cllr Shuttleworth reported that Rockville Terrace light was an ongoing issue and is awaiting the electrician.


The last Ordinary Parish Council Meeting was held on the 134h November 2018. The minutes of this meeting had been circulated previously.                                                         Approved and Signed

       Clerk reported on all matters arising:

       5.1   Draft Letter completed to Executive Member Don Mackenzie pointing out the inadequate service that the Parish is receiving.                                                                                                           Resolved


       6.1   County Councillor Quinn – The Clerk relayed her conversation with Cllr Quinn. Cllr Quinn will be meeting with  Area 5 to raise any ongoing issues including  –

The question of pavement parking - currently being looked at by Central Government – and the local issues of off road parking being part of a planning application but not completed on the build, leading to pavement parking at road junctions and an increased risk of accidents

Update on the grass verge on West Lane: A legal letter has now been sent by Highways to the occupant, requesting clearance of the obstruction. Failure to do so will result in the authority clearing the area and they will also issue an invoice to recover the cost from the resident.

Bollard repair on Skipton Road to be completed asap.

     6.2  District Councillor Shuttleworth – Points raised:

  • Household Blue Bins and Bring Bins do not accept any Black plastic including food trays and  any type of plastic bags. Should any of these types of plastic arrive at the sorting depot, CDC will be charged for contamination.
  • There will be an increase in the charge for a Brown Bin licence this year. CDC has subsidised this service for the last 2 years.
  • CCTV cameras, having been used successfully to identify fly tipping in the past will now be available to identify Dog Fouling perpetrators, if hot spots can be identified. This will hopefully improve the ongoing problem throughout the parish.

Cllr Kirkbride commented that enough time and cost had been spent on this issue and would it have any effect?

Cllr Shuttleworth responded that the cameras were already purchased for fly tipping, so no extra cost were involved. This is an offer to the parish to identify problem areas and hopefully identify the main culprits and take appropriate action.

Cllr Benjamin added that a parishioner on Millholme Rise had an ongoing persistent problem with dog fouling and would welcome such intervention by CDC.

  • Progress on the Local Development Plan is now on hold due to the Independent Inspector challenging an area of Greenspace status:

The Land running through Skipton Castle, Skipton Woods and Park Hill. The Inspector had requested modifications be made to this greenspace allocation. This was done by CDC and resubmitted, but again was rejected - with an inference that unless it was taken out of the plan entirely then the whole plan would be in jeopardy of being refused completely.

            Cllr Kirkbride asked on what grounds was his decision based?

Cllr Shuttleworth did not have a copy of the Independent Inspector’s report at this time but would be investigating the matter and would report back.

            DC Shuttleworth to Action

7.    PCSO REPORT – Report circulated prior to meeting.  No questions raised.

Cllr Benjamin reported that an HMRC telephone scam has been identified.  


       8.1   Planning Updates – Circulated  

       8.2   Responses – Clerk Verbal Report – on applications submitted and responded to: -


2018/19907/HH          LOW BANK                                        NO OBJECTION   APPROVED

C/26/81H/LB              ELLERGILL BARN                                     NO OBJECTION   APPROVED

2018/19965/FUL        EMBSAY PLAY CENTRE                      OBJECTION         WITHDRAWN

2018/19995/OUT       LOW LANE                                         OBJECTION

C/26/6778                  MILLHOLME RISE                            NO OBJECTION

C/26/86F                    MILLHOLME RISE                            MORE INFO REQUESTED


      9.1   Village Maintenance Report – Cllr Benjamin – points raised:

  • Redundant post on Brackenley Lane and Skipton Road has been referred to a contactor by NYCC Area 5 for action.
  • Bollards on Skipton Road have been reported again and awaiting completion.

Cllr Benjamin informed members of her continual frustration on the poor communication with both NYCC and CDC.  It is sometimes difficult to contact individual officers.  It was indicated to her that NYCC no longer have any answerphone facility. If the individual you wish to speak to is out of the office, messages can be left with the reception switchboard, or an email request can be sent. A technical fault with the automatic out of office reply has now been reported to NYCC Area 5.                    .

      9.2   Volunteers’ Report – Cllr Benjamin – points raised

  • Spring meeting TBA – Cllr Smith suggested that an incentive / thankyou be given to volunteers. A notice to prospective future and existing volunteers was published in the Embsay with Eastby News.

      9.3 Road Safety Report – Cllr Smith – Verbal report

  • The VAS sign on Kirk Lane has now been installed facing towards Eastby. This is reversible  and the Road Safety WP will vary the direction for time to time.

Cllr Shuttleworth informed members that the blind corner at the top of Kirk Lane was extremely dangerous and asked if a Speedwatch deployment could be arranged. Perhaps at an earlier hour.7-7:30 am?

Cllr Hill replied that past Speedwatch deployments had not raised any speeding offenders. He would be happy to arrange one if volunteers were available. Cllr Shuttleworth would volunteer if necessary.       

  • The request for necessary supplies for filling the existing Grit bins and extra bins before winter sent to NYCC Area 5 is still outstanding                                                       Clerk to Follow up

     9.4  Speedwatch Report - Cllr Hill – Report circulated since last meeting - points raised

  • Deployment 12.12.18 Skipton Road 11:30 – 12:30 recorded 252 vehicles None reported.
  • Deployment 09.01.19 Skipton Road 14:30 – 15:30 recorded 312 vehicles 2 reported speeding at 36 & 38 mph.
  • Deployment 15.01.19 Skipton Road  14:30  - 15:30 recorded 278 vehicles 2 reported speeding at 37 & 38 mph
  • Deployment 20.01.19 Skipton Road 14:30 – 15:30 recorded 330 vehicles 2 reported speeding at 37 & 38 mph.

      9.5  Nature Reserve Report –  Cllr Hill – .Report circulated  - points raised

  • The grant of £500 applied for from NYCC Community Projects, for the purchase of a new entrance gate to the reserve, has been received and the gate is now in place.
  • Two NR information finger posts provided by YDNP are now awaiting installation.
  • 1500, snowdrops have now been received and planted.
  • The Nature Reserve has been nominated and shortlisted for a Craven Community Champions Award in the Greener Craven category. The Award Ceremony will be held at the Coniston Hotel on the 21st Feb 2019.

The Parish Council would like to acknowledge the enormous contribution made by the FEENR over the last four years, in particular the efforts of John Oldfield, Tom Lovett, Roger Henderson, Sarah Copeland, students and staff from Craven College, Cllr David Hill and Cllr Stella Kirkbride.

      9.6  Recreation Ground – Cllr Stead – Verbal Report  – points raised:

  • Concerns raised .by the Clerk on a fundraising online notice for help with drainage in the recreation ground by the Friends of the Recreation Ground - Clarification sought between Maintenance and Development at next trustee meeting.  Cllr’s Stead and Benjamin to attend.

      9.7  Communication & IT –Cllr Stead – Nothing to report

      9.8  Fair Trade/Village Institute – Cllr Kirkbride – Verbal Report – points raised:

  • There are 7 members in the FairTrade Group  
  • Fair Trade Breakfast/ Lunch on Saturday 23rd February at the Village Institute
  •    Village Hall 30-year Celebration was a great success.
  •    Future plans to upgrade the toilets facilities are underway.

Cllr Shuttleworth commented that the entrance pavement seems in need of some repair.

      9.9        Car Park – Cllr Stead - Verbal Report  - points raised

  • Most people are still using responsibly. Concerns raised on a potential safety hazard at school run drop off time from cars parking on the roadside opposite the Car Park which has no pavement access.
  • Cllr Stead asked if it was possible for the double yellow lines on the pavement side to be transferred to the none pavement side?

          Clerk to Action

Cllr Smith commented he believed this was raised with Highways and the Inspectorate particularly  on the bend entrance to Laurel Croft. Discussion took place on the continuing problem of not enough parking space being available throughout the village and the lack of hard foot paths to the school from the back of the Car Park.

     9.10    War Memorial Garden – Cllr Smith – Verbal Report  - points raised


  • A plaque dedicated to the late Frank Stokes is now in place in the garden recognising his contribution to the improvements to the War Memorial.
  • Spring planting is being discussed with volunteers.
  • The Dedication of the Memorial Cross took place on 2nd August 1921 and is approaching its Centenary. The working party would like to investigate the possibility of a War Memorial Grant to clean the Cross.

     9.11  Defibrillators – Cllr Hill reported that the Electro Pads in both units were out of date and replacements are on order. Cllr Ayrton informed the Members that both units are now recorded on a website (Heartsafe) that is nationwide, indicating all Defibrillators close to any individual’s specific location.


      10.1   Proposal for Mr Tom Lovatt to become a Co-opted member of the Parish Council.

Proposed by Cllr Benjamin and Seconded by Cllr Hill - All Agreed

      10.2 Request from Total Trees to place an advertising board within the Recreation Ground.

Members discussed and agreed a period of 6 months. The positioning be arranged, following a meeting with Cllr Stead

Proposed Cllr Hill Seconded Cllr Shuttleworth – All Agreed Clerk to Action

11. FINANCIAL MATTERS Clerk detailed invoiced report up to 03/11/2018 - 03/12/2018 - was circulated

and attached for approval of payments to the value of  £ 1420.01 & 03/12/18 – 03/01/19  £886.45                                                                                                                                                     Approved


      11.1 Monthly Expenditure/Bank Reconciliation – Dec 2018/Jan 2019 (Circulated)                     Approved

12.  REPORT OF THE PARISH CLERK - report circulated - no questions raised


     12.1 Election Timetable – All Members were issued with Nomination Papers and the Timetable for May Election on May 2nd


     12.2 Eastby Parishioner Concerns – Clerk reported a communication from Eastby Resident with concerns regarding the speeding in Eastby and his measures to bring this to the attention of the authorities.

Cllr Shuttleworth Reported -  Due to concerns having been raised,  a Grey Data Box has been installed in Eastby. Police Officers will be undertaking random speed patrols and will issue on the spot fines. The route covered will be between Black Park to Kirk Lane.

13   POLICIES & PROCEDURES REVIEWS – Statutory Document Review – Completed

Items for discussion: Cllr Kirkbride asked for suggestions for leaving/appreciation gift to Rev Louise be considered 

Clerk remined members of an Email request from the Cleaner Neighbourhood Manager to meet with a PC member to highlight any potential “Hot Spots” where Dog Fouling occurs.

      Cllr Benjamin to Action                                       

Clerk distributed Area 5 Map with Email Contact Details to All Members.

Cllr Lovatt informed members that a small part of the wall boundary to Primrose Glen had collapsed and was happy to repair it voluntarily  if members agreed.? His offer was accepted.                               

Diary Dates – Parish Liaison Meeting 27th March 2019

Meeting closed at 9:25

The next Parish Council Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 13th March 2019 Starting at 7:30pm. Venue: Village Institute Main Street, Embsay. Contact Parish Clerk: Gillian Alcock Tel:07414850766 or Email:Alcockg@hotmail.co.uk