Draft Minutes PC Meeting 10th July 2019


Minutes of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 10h July 2019, 7:30pm in the Village Institute Main Street, Embsay.

PRESENT: Chair Cllr Benjamin, Vice- Chair Cllr Hill, Cllr’s Brian Shuttleworth, Vince Smith, Robert Stead, Andrew Ayrton and Tom Lovatt

Also, in Attendance: Parish Clerk and 1 member of the public

Welcome: Chair welcomed everyone for their attendance - and opened the meeting.

1.    APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: County Councillor Quinn, Cllr Kirkbride




  • Mr Haspell reported that the NYCC website for reporting street lighting was up to date. However, the council owned streetlight was still not working. Cllr Shuttleworth confirmed that the electrician had not come back with identifying the problem. Madam Chairman requested the Clerk follow up on this.                                                                                            Clerk to Action
  • Police Notice – re Brackenley Lane burglary did not indicate location, informed 101 and was told that this was an Officer error.

Cllr Hill informed the meeting that It is possible to sign up to the North Yorkshire Police community messaging scheme which provides notice of news in your local neighbourhood. Further information can be found at www.nycm.co.uk.

The Parish Council intends to write formally to both the Police Superintendent and the Police and Crime Commissioner to express its concern at the apparent lack of adequate policing at present – although it does acknowledge that this is a national issue.

District Councillor Shuttleworth will also raise this issue at the next Select Committee (Crime and Disorder).                                  


The last Ordinary Parish Council Meeting was held on the 124h June 2019.The minutes of this meeting had been circulated previously.                                                         Approved and Signed

Cllr Hill asked District Councillor Shuttleworth if any further developments had been made on the mini roundabout proposal?  DC Shuttleworth replied that no support for this had been put forward by NYCC, but recent developments in the sale of Land at Shires Lane could change matters. Cllr Smith and Cllr Hill raised this as an important issue that needs to be discussed with the new developers. Cllr Shuttleworth confirmed that a crossing point was now in the proposal.

      5.1 Elm Tree Flowerbed – Thanks go to Ian Vokes-Tilley and Karen Hodgson for taking on this project.                                                                                                                                     Resolved

      5.2 Highways letter - re Pasture Road – No response from NYCC                                     Ongoing

      5,3 Consultation - re Pasture Road – still under review                                                       Ongoing

      5.4 Funding Meeting with Friends of Recreation Ground – Report submitted to members was

discussed. More detailed itemised costs of project required, second quote required.  CllrShuttleworth believes that the sub soil is not of suitable material to undertake the proposed soakaway crates and future quotes should reflex this.                                                          Ongoing

      5.5 Village Institute Meeting - re Valuation Insurance – Report submitted to members discussed and sight of documents requested by Cllr Shuttleworth and Cllr Hill .                                    Ongoing



       6.1           County Councillor Quinn Report -via the Clerk

  • A small budget is still available for specific funding for Parish projects. Requests to County Councillor Quinn.

Cllr Shuttleworth asked if the fund could help replace the Car Park boundary fence or is it the responsibility of the field’s tenant. Cllr Ayrton informed members that plans would show this by a red T.                                                                                                                                                    Clerk to Action

      6.2  District Councillor Shuttleworth – Points raised:

  • New Guidance issued by the Local Govt. Association relating to Probity in Planning now precludes Cllr Shuttleworth from contributing to the Parish Council Planning responses if he is to retain his vote at CDC Panning Committee. Therefore, Cllr Shuttleworth is resigning from the Parish Council planning working party. He will, however, be available to express an opinion on any YDNP applications and contribute to formulating statutory responses.
  • The new CDC policy re housing, approved at the last Policy Committee, has enabled Cllr Shuttleworth to request that a house in East Lane, which has been standing empty for some considerable time, be the subject of review and action to bring it back into use. This could be by compulsory acquisition.  

 7.    PCSO REPORT – No Report - refer to EWE News for updated figures.Cllr Smith asked the members what the Parish Council can do, if anything, in view of the recent daytime burglaries. Would those in charge of CCTV at CDC have the power to provide the same in the parish?  Do we as a council encourage a team to patrol the streets in view of the lack and poor response of police presence?  It was agreed to voice the residents and members concern with the New Police Commissioner, Lorraine Smith and Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner.

Cllr Hill asked if another PCSO was available. Chairman confirmed there was already one covering when possible.


      8.1   Planning Updates – Circulated  

      8.2   Responses – Clerk Verbal Report – on applications submitted and responded to: -

 2019/20532/FUL Construction of new single storey building in curtilage of existing centre Embsay Children’s Centre, Pasture Road Embsay,

 2018/19995/OUT Appeal Low Lane – response to Government Inspectorate.

 Late submission of amended plans to Land at Shires Lane Embsay was discussed briefly ahead of a scheduled planning working party meeting.  Amongst concerns raised were that some of the houses now proposed, are taking up previously designated green space. Also,  access to the 11acre pasture used by a local dairy farmer has not been considered and a footpath is now missing from the plans.  The Parish Council will endeavour to speak to the architect and developers and will respond to CDC planning within the required deadline.

Cllr Shuttleworth took no part in this discussion.


     9.1   Village Maintenance Report – Cllr Benjamin – points raised:

  • Further investigation of the Yorkshire Water Reservoir bench has confirmed that the tree planted is a Rowan and the contractor will make a second visit to tidy up the site.
  • Request by local resident to replace a broken road sign on Millholme Rise has been actioned by NYCC.

    9.2   Volunteers’ Report – Cllr Benjamin – points raised

  • Liz Roodhouse will be taking over the summer planting of the Eastby trough. The Parish Council’s thanks go to  Ann Briggs for all her hard work and support in the past.

    9.3  Road Safety Report – Cllr Smith – points raised

  • Investigation by Area 5 Highways officer regarding Pasture Road, following a complaint by a resident and a request from the Parish Council, resulted in the Parish Council receiving an email stating that the Officer did not think that the congestion was of too serious a nature and the officer didn’t feel that any benefit would be gained by imposing a one-way system or restricted parking. Therefore, no further action would be taken. Subsequently, Cllr Smith had written to Mr Jones of NYCC Highways requesting, amongst other things, that Highways consider a 20mile limit on roads through the parish and double yellow lines being moved on Main Street and placed on the junction of Laurel Croft to stop inconsiderate parking.


  • The West Lane verge issue has again raised concern as a trailer has recently been parked on the verge. The Parish Council and County Councillor Quinn had been assured by NYCC that the matter was in hand and it would take legal action against this resident.  No known outcome at this time.                                                                                                             Clerk to Action

Cllr Hill informed members that imposing a 20mile speed limit is split into 2 categories

a)    20mile Zone

b)    20mile Limit on certain roads. This would be the preferred option for the parish


     9.4  Speedwatch Report - Cllr Hill – Report circulated since last meeting - points raised:

  • Four speed watch deployments had been undertaken. Three on Skipton Road and one on Kirk Lane. A total of 6 cars speeding had been reported, out of 1038 vehicles observed.

     9.5  Nature Reserve Report – Cllr Lovatt –  Nothing to Report. Cllr Shuttleworth asked about the trees with Ash dieback. It was reported at the previous meeting that Cllr Lovatt would remove them in the Autumn.  Cllr Ayrton commented that this disease was rife throughout the Parish and Cllr Benjamin asked if Aldhams Copse was affected?                                               Cllr Lovatt to Action 

.    9.6  Recreation Ground – Cllr Stead – Verbal Report  – points raised:

  • The Spinner repairs were holding at the moment.

     9.7   Communication & IT –Cllr Stead – Nothing to Report – Cllr Benjamin asked if a WP meeting    could be arranged over the summer.                                                                              Clerk to Action

     9.8   Fair Trade- Nothing to Report

  Village Institute – Report from Village Institute and PC meeting circulated

     9.9  Car Park – Cllr Stead - Bring Bins - The bins have been well used by residents. However, following the weekend of July 7th it was noted that the bins had been used for the disposal of what appeared to be TRADE WASTE bottles and cans, packed in clear plastic bags. The Parish Council has no control over who does use the facility, but they are monitored and intended for recyclable, householder waste only, for the residents of Embsay and Eastby.  If this condition is breached Craven may impose an extra charge on the Parish Council for the collection costs and ultimately the facility may have to be withdrawn.  Cllr Stead requested clear notices be displayed. Cllr Benjamin explained that a request for the stickers had been made on several occasions to CDC with no response. Agreed that the Clerk investigate the cost of producing the Parish Council’s own vinyl stickers/notices. 

Clerk to Action

     9.10          War Memorial Garden – Cllr Smith – Verbal Report Cllr Smith reported a request from a resident, regarding the Poppy wreaths being blown around in bad weather. Could the Parish Council find a solution as to how this can be avoided in future?  After discussion it was agreed that future wreaths would be removed after an agreed period of time.

Cllr Hill informed members that the Royal British Legion would no longer be using plastic in the manufacture of wreaths and poppies. These could be bio-degradable in future.

Cllr Hill informed members that previously planted tubers had failed to germinate and that he had received a credit of £28.95. He handed a cheque to the Clerk for this amount, previously claimed.


     10.1.Proposed VAS Sign Option 2 was agreed, (to renew our existing contract/arrangement). There is no renewal price specified but the Parish Council would look to negotiate the original 4year contract cost of some £4000. Highways would continue to use their existing equipment and be responsible for the storage, maintenance, calibration, and switching between our two sites as now. Proposed Cllr Smith Seconded Cllr Ayton All Agreed  Approved                                                                                                                   

11. FINANCIAL MATTERS Clerk detailed invoiced report for March/April/May were circulated:

and attached for approval of payments in June to the value of £2564.40                        Approved


     11.1 Monthly Expenditure/Bank Reconciliation – June (Circulated) + first quarter spend.   Approved

12.  REPORT OF THE PARISH CLERK - report circulated - no questions raised


Items for discussion:-  Chairman had received an invitation to the Welcome Service for Revd Tracey Darling, the new Methodist Minister of Embsay Chapel. The service will also welcome Revd Andrew Webb who will be the new Circuit Superintendent. Cllr Shuttleworth will be attending in her absence.

Verge Wildflowers  - Clerk had read BBC articles where two UK Councils had made budget savings planting wildflower verges whilst  assisting the environment and bee population.

Full discussion took place with all members allowed to make their views known and a vote was taken on a compromise to use white clover to cover the entrance mound to help with soil support and ground cover whilst  allowing the spring daffodils to grow as normal. The seasonal planting of bulbs will no longer take place.

Vote taken  4 Yes  1 No  2 Abstained the motion carried.                                

Diary Dates:- Road Closure Notice Brackenley Lane Embsay for 3 Nights from 22:00 – 06:00 between 5th and 7th August 2019 for Bridge Repair Works.

Meeting closed at:- 9.30pm

The next Parish Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 9th October  2019 Starting at 7:30pm

Venue: Methodist Chapel, Main Street, Embsay.

Contact Parish Clerk: Gillian Alcock Tel:07414850766 or Email:Alcockg@hotmail.co.uk