Draft Minutes PC Meeting 13th March 2019


Minutes of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 13th March 2019, 7:30pm in the Village Institute Main Street, Embsay.

PRESENT: Chair Cllr Benjamin, Cllr’s  Brian Shuttleworth, Vince Smith, David Hill, Andrew Ayrton and Tom Lovett

Also, in Attendance: County Councillor Quinn, Parish Clerk and 3 members of the public

Welcome: Chair welcomed everyone for their attendance - and opened the meeting.

1.    APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Councillors Stead and Kirkbride




  • John Oldfield and Roger Henderson attended the meeting to display their award from Craven Community Champions Award in the Greener Craven category. The Award Ceremony was held at the Coniston Hotel on the 21st Feb 2019.  The Parish Council would like to acknowledge the enormous contribution made by the FEENR over the last four years, in particular the efforts of John Oldfield, Tom Lovett, Roger Henderson, Sarah Copeland, students and staff from Craven College, Cllr David Hill and Cllr Stella Kirkbride
    • Allen Haspell informed the Parish Council that the NYCC electronic street lights data map was still not working accurately. NYCC system had all the necessary information. However, the Rock View Terrace light belonging to the Parish Council was still out of order.


Cllr Shuttleworth suggested this was a case of Website mismanagement,

Cllr Hill asked if County Councillor Quinn could take our concerns back to NYCC

CC Quinn said she would raise the issues.


Cllr Shuttleworth reported that the Rock View Terrace light was an ongoing issue and the electrician was investigating the problem. If it is a power source problem, then the national grid would have to be contacted.                                                                                                                                    Clerk to Action



The last Ordinary Parish Council Meeting was held on the 134h February  2019. The minutes of this meeting had been circulated previously.                                                         Approved and Signed

       Clerk reported on all matters arising:

5.1            Request from Parishioner for Road and Verge Cleaning Pasture Road – Clerk reported that that both issues had been reported and received confirmation that these jobs were now on the list, at both NYCC and CDC Highways. Attempts to inform the complainant by telephone have failed. A letter will be sent.                                                                                                                                  Resolved

5.2 Request for PC Gift to Rev Louise and Report for New Incumbent BS & Clerk                  Resolved

5.3 Street light Rock View Terrace – Cllr Shuttleworth reported this was under investigation     Ongoing

5.4 Request for double yellow lines moved – Main Street – Clerk reported request sent to NYCC Highways                                                                                                                                     Resolved

5.5 Cleaner Neighbourhood Visit – Cllr Benjamin reported she had been contacted by Wayne Gray and a meeting will be arranged between the 25th  March and 2nd April                                                Resolved

5.6 Grit Bin Follow up – Clerk reported this issue had been followed up and is now with NYCC to action.                                                                                                                                              Resolved


6.1   County Councillor Quinn – County are busy making Brexit backup plans to ensure the region is adequately supplied with enough food for Care Home and Children’s Services etc. Spring Budget reviews are under way.

Update on the grass verge on West Lane: A legal letter has now been sent by Highways to the occupant, requesting clearance of the obstruction. Failure to do so will result in the authority clearing the area and they will also issue an invoice to recover the cost from the resident.

Bollard repair on Skipton Road to be completed by replacing these with soft material ones that springs back into shape if hit. Cllr Benjamin stated that she had heard these only worked if cleaned.        Cllr Quinn would relay this information.

VAS signs are now being offered for sale although the protocols have not yet been finalised. The amount would be in the region of £2500. These could be fitted with data caption facilities, but full details would be sent to the Clerk in due course approx. 5th April.

Sharon Fox Communications Officer has offered a meeting for all Clerks to attend and share their concerns and views.

A Local Resident suggested to CC Quinn that reflectors on Bow Bridge might be an aid to road safety and asked the Pc Views on this?

Cllr Hill suggested that although he wasn’t sure how this would help there were circular red/white  signs available to purchase.

Cllr Ayrton remarked that he hadn’t thought this was a particular problem area.

Cllr Quinn asked if the PC had any question, they wished raised at the next Skipton/Ripon Area Committee Meeting.

Cllr Hill asked for an update on progress at Kex Gill.

6.2  District Councillor Shuttleworth – Points raised:

  • CDC setting of Annual Rate for 2019/2020 as now increased by 2.99% (this is an annual increase of £172.21 for a Band D property) in comparison to NYCC 4.99%, NY Police &Crime Commissioner 9.86% and the NY Fire and Rescue Authority 2.99% rate increases.
  • Planning Applications raised – the two-bungalow development north of Low Lane was refused under Planning Officer Powers.

The proposed extension to the Children Centre on Pasture Road had been withdrawn.

Discharge of conditions relating to the Laurel Croft development. A case was made that the proposed starting time of 7.30am be delayed until 8.00am in view of the elderly residents’ home in the area.

Residents have raised concerns regarding alterations involving a large dorma window overlooking properties nearby. CDC enforcement team confirmed the alteration did not contravene Permitted Development Regulations.

  • Progress on the Local Development Plan is still ongoing, although the Independent Inspector has not accepted all of the revised CDC proposals. He has accepted 1 of 3 smaller parcels of revised Local Green Spaces in relation to Hellifield Flashes. The LDP consultation period ends on the 31 March 2019. After which the Inspector will draw his conclusion and decide if further revision or consultation is required. If not required after 6 weeks CDC may the formally adopt the plan as a development blueprint until 2031. Subject to scrutiny in comparison with delivery and any necessary revision at 5year intervals.

Cllr Hill asked what the criteria is for the inspector’s refusal.

D Cllr Shuttleworth explained that the inspector felt that the sizeable pieces of land in questions was too large to be considered under the Local Green Space criteria.

Cllr Smith asked if the Parish Council could raise an objection on the grounds that if development takes place on land off Skipton Road it may have a detrimental effect on the parish?

D Cllr Shuttleworth replied that the Parish Council has the right ti respond but the land does fall within the Skipton Town Council area. It could be that others may look at protecting the land under historical significance, but it would not be under Local Green Spaces.

It was agreed due to time limitation that a working party would look at a suitable response and round robin suggestions to all members for agreement before submitting to the Inspector.

A special CDC Planning Committee hearing will be held on the 25th March at Gargrave Village Hall at 2;45pm. This will be to consider a long-term outstanding planning application for 300+ unit Holiday chalet park on the site of the “Flashes”.

D Cllr Shuttleworth formally asked the PC (as custodian trustees) to permit the alterations to the Village Institute windows. The approval of the PC is now a requirement of the Ward Member Grant Application.                                                                                                                            Approved

7.    PCSO REPORT – No Report as PCSO is on leave.


 8.1   Planning Updates – Circulated  

 8.2   Responses – Clerk Verbal Report – on applications submitted and responded to: -


C/26/86F                    MILLHOLME RISE                            YDNP Planning Committee

(Cllr Benjamin who attended the planning meeting at Bainbridge reported to the PC on the outcome).



2019/20141/FUL PIORY VIEW

2019/20257/TCA BARDEN ROAD -Oak tree pruning

2019/20256/TPO BARDEN ROAD -Sycamore crown lift


 9.1   Village Maintenance Report – Cllr Benjamin – points raised:

  • Redundant post on Brackenley Lane and Skipton Road has been removed.
  •  Photos sent to CDC re Dalacres grass verge waiting confirmation received.
  • 9.2   Volunteers’ Report – Cllr Benjamin – points raised

Spring meeting TBA – A notice to prospective future and existing volunteers as been published in the Embsay with Eastby News for the last two months

Cllr Ayrton asked if the bench he was storing could be used.  Cllr Lovett asked if the Nature Reserve could use it? Cllr Lovett would inspect and contact Cllr Benjamin as to its condition and ask if the owners would approve its use.

  9.3 Road Safety Report – Cllr Smith – Nothing to report

  9.4  Speedwatch Report - Cllr Hill – Report circulated since last meeting - points raised

  • Deployment 25.02-19 Skipton Road 15:00 –16:00 recorded 307 vehicles with                              3 reported speeding at 37,38.39mph.


  9.5  Nature Reserve Report –  Cllr Hill –  points raised

  • Finger posts provided by YDNP have now been installed. Cllr Hill would confirm these were in the correct position.

  9.6  Recreation Ground – Cllr Benjamin  – Verbal Report  – points raised:

  • . Report from Friends of  Recreation  meeting on 25th Feb

Quotes requested from Pitch contractor :update 8th March: Erika has received x1 and will forward on to PC.  Erika is sending applications to Sports England and British Cycling The Tesco grant needs to be actioned by November 19th.2019

The Charities Commission requires the Friends to be independent from PC. However, the      PC supports the Friends.

Race Night 30th March  it is hoped that monies raised may be match funded but will rely on the good will of employees at both at Morrisons and Lloyds.

The Friends have added a Lloyds Bank account in addition to its Skipton Building Society account to help with easier bacs transfers. Donations on line also available via the face book page. Annual finance report being produced the total of donations / grants is in region of £4400. The district ward grant towards a bench as been received.

Focus of Friends' is on the bike track, pitch, “muga” and outdoor gym"

Volunteer spring clean-up date to be confirmed by Mark Walters.

Request for PC to look at step grips on slide as some parents concerned. Cllr Hill had tried to solve previously but was unsuccessful. Suggest Cllr Stead will ask the inspection team for advice.

Request from Cllr Stead to level off ground surface by goal posts (if only temporary solution). This could be a possible discussion by PC and involvement of friends as part of spring clean. Previous suggestions for this could be revisited.

9.7  Communication & IT –Cllr Stead – Nothing to report

9.8  Fair Trade/Village Institute – Village Hall AGM on 25th March 2019.

9.9  Car Park – Clerk - Verbal Report  - points raised

  • The Byelaws Public Notice had now appeared in the Craven Herald. This was the final requirement from the Secretary of State Office  
  • A resident who had left their vehicle parked for over two weeks had received a Warning Notice and the vehicle had now been removed. Residents are reminded that this a 23hour parking period Car Park.                                              

9.10    War Memorial Garden – Cllr Smith – Verbal Report  - points raised

  • Spring planting is now taking place.


10.1 Request funding for defibrillator and resuscitation training- Cllr Hill had been approached by a local resident to ask for PC assistance with room Hire Cost. It was agreed that the Clerk will contact resident and offer a subsidised sum dependant on charges made by the Village Institute.                                                                                                                                                                             Approved

      10.2 Allotment Improvements – A request for funding assistance for the improvement of the access pathways to both Embsay and Eastby Allotment sites had been received by the Clerk from the Allotment Secretary. It was agreed that a sum of £300 would be offered towards this project subject to it being used for maintenance and improvement of the access pathways.



11. FINANCIAL MATTERS Clerk detailed invoiced report up to 03/02/2019 - 03/03/2019 - was circulated

and attached for approval of payments to the value of £1528.44                                      Approved

 11.1 Monthly Expenditure/Bank Reconciliation – Feb 2019 (Circulated)                               Approved

12.  REPORT OF THE PARISH CLERK - report circulated - no questions raised

 12.1 Election Timetable – All Members were issued with an updated Timetable and Members Expenses Claim Forms




Items for discussion: Volunteer digger for clearing of Recreation Ground – Clerk had been informed by the PC Insurer that the volunteer would be covered und the PC Public Liability insurance, providing this issue was raised and minuted and that a record of a conversation took place between the volunteer and the Clerk. In addition, a risk assessment would be advisable.

This information has been passed to the Friends of the Recreation Ground, the Clerk is now awaiting a response.                                  

Diary Dates – Parish Liaison Meeting 27th March 2019 - Has now been cancelled

National Park Parish Forum Meeting 14th MAY 2018, 7pm, at Austwick Parish Hall – None attendance

Meeting closed at 9:30

The next Annual Parish Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 8th May 2019 Starting at 7:30pm Followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting Starting at 8:15pm Venue: Village Institute Hall,

Main Street, Embsay.

Contact Parish Clerk: Gillian Alcock Tel:07414850766 or Email:Alcockg@hotmail.co.uk