Draft Minutes PC Meeting 13th November 2019


Minutes of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 13th November 2019, 7:30pm in the Methodist Chapel Main Street, Embsay.

PRESENT: Chair Cllr Benjamin, Vice-Chair Cllr Hill, Cllrs Brian Shuttleworth, Vince Smith and Stella Kirkbride

Also, in Attendance: County Councillor Quinn, TheParish Clerk and 1 member of the public.

Welcome: Chair welcomed everyone for their attendance - opened the meeting.

1.    APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Councillors Stead, Ayrton and Lovatt




  • The Parish Council was informed by a resident that sewerage spillage is still occurring on Brackenley Drive and that further damage has occurred in the form of a partial road collapse  due to heavy lorries and adverse weather conditions. This has now resulted in contamination of the Beck. This issue has been ongoing problem since 2001.

Whilst District Cllr Shuttleworth will pursue the matter, the Parish Council has also written a letter of support for action to be taken. Residents are asked to report both to Cllr Shuttleworth and Yorkshire Water so that incidences can be monitored.                              Action District  Cllr Shuttleworth


The last Ordinary Parish Council Meeting was held on the 94h October 2019.The minutes of this meeting had been circulated previously.                                                         Approved and Signed

     5.1 Letter to Yorkshire Water sent requesting immediate action to Brackenley Drive Sewage Problem.

     5.2 Elm Tree Lights investigation are continuing as to why only half the lights are working.                                                                                                                                              Cllr’s BS & AA to Action

     5.3  Streetlight on Rockview Terrace remains out – Northern Power Grid have been informed and are investigating the lack of power source.                                                                         Clerk to Action

     5.4  Locality Grant has been approved.


     6.1   County Councillor Quinn Reported that the grass verge obstruction on West Lane is now in the hands of the NYCC Legal Team. County Councils are now in PURDA due to the forthcoming elections on 12th December 2019 -so little may be done at this time.


There is a new Community Gritting Partnership Scheme available to Parish and Town Councils and other community organisations. This offers the opportunity to provide a higher level of winter maintence to their areas. Should any organisations wish to take part details can be found on



County Cllr Quinn had received complaints from parishioners regarding the recent road closures that have taken place in Embsay. There were several factors causing the disruptions including poor communication from NYCC affecting both residents and the workman involved as well as a lack of alternative route information being provided. The work schedule had been brought forward from its original planned date, resulting in even more confusion. Hopefully the remaining work will be completed with no further delay or disruption.

The Clerk reported that the NYCC Parish Portal seems not to be saving reports at the moment and asked CC Quinn if she could find out if the system is working correctly.  CC Quinn agreed.

County Councillor Quinn continues to advice NYCC that information on the website is not available or accessible by everyone.

    6.2  District Councillor Shuttleworth – Points raised:

  • The Local Development Plan has now been adopted by Craven District Council.
  • Road works chaos complaints, due to poor communication and lack of clear instruction.
  • Shires Lane site has been stripped and soil is being transported in from elsewhere. This is not acceptable; the issue is being raised with the Planning Enforcement Officer.
  • On the second site on Shires Lane (revised scheme) the Environment Agency report shows that there is a possible flood risk, this is unacceptable and will be questioned.

Cllr Smith raised the question that pre-consultation with the Parish Council could provide a deal of local knowledge. This should be a requirement when Officers look at planning applications. Cllr Shuttleworth will raise with CDC planning. 


    7.1        Planning Updates – Circulated  

    7.2  The Responses – Clerk Verbal Report – on applications submitted and responded to:- Two Tree Orders 2019/21041/TCA and 2019/21042/TCA  are still pending and one YDNP application C/26/180C.   Application APP/C2708/W19/3229324 had been refused.


    8.1  Village Maintenance Report – Cllr Benjamin – points raised:

  • Low Bow bridge: concerns raised by residents regarding increasing vegetation and obstructions  in the water under the bridge - at both ends  Reported to Environment Agency ref: 1753710. 

Cllr Smith asked if the area around the pipe by Primrose Tannery Path could also be cleared of debris?

                                                                                                                              Cllr Benjamin to Action

  • Trees on Millholme requiring trimming at both top and bottom. Tree on East Lane needing prune following damage - resident volunteered to cut but seeks permission.                    Clerk to Action
  • Damage to grassed area and footpath etc on Dalacres continues - discussion with NYCC indicates  it has responsibility for pathway and road. Advised to resend to Sharon Fox for action. Clerk

    8.2  Volunteers’ Report – Cllr Benjamin – Nothing to Report

    8.3  Road Safety Report – Cllr Smith – points raised

  • Pasture Road /Main street/East Lane one way and 20mph limits

Given that the Clerk has identified that the costs of a postal survey with return envelope to each house in the parish would add at least £1 per household to the annual Precept budget, other options will be considered by the Working Party.

Consultation with other Parishes within Craven has been requested. Discussions with Highways will also be sought and a ‘Road Plan’ will be put before members. If approved how the parishioners are notified of the Parish Council’s intention will need to be considered.

    8.4  Speedwatch Report - Cllr Hill – Report circulated since last meeting - points raised:

  • Three deployment taken place on Skipton Road at the junction with Brackenley Drive.

14th Oct 16.00 - 17.00. 326 vehicles. 3 reported at 36, 36 and 39mph

23rd Oct 11:30 -13.15. 441 vehicles. 11 reported at 36,38,39,36,37,36,40,36,42,36,38mph

29th Oct 11.30 - 12.30. 246 vehicles. 2 reported at 36,36mph.

    8.5  Nature Reserve Report – Cllr Benjamin read report from Cllr Lovatt points raised;

  • Thanks to members of the Friends of the Nature Reserve, the Yorkshire Dales National Park and students from Craven College who have completed work on both the Nature Reserve inner path and the refurbishment of the Millholme Tannery path.

    8.6  Recreation Ground – Cllr Benjamin reported that the Sports England bid for funding is now ready for submission by The Friends.

    8.7  Communication & IT –Cllr Stead – Nothing to Report

    8.8  Fair Trade- Cllr Kirkbride – Points raised:

Village Institute – Cllr Kirkbride – Points raised:

  • Next management meeting on Monday 18th Nov 7pm
  • The rebuild valuation has now taken place. Cllr Kirkbride will request information on the proposed meeting request with the Parish Council in last VI meeting minutes.SK to Action.

    8.9  Car Park – The Clerk  - Bring Bins – Points raised

  • Bring Bins: have had incidents on three occasions with Trade Waste being disposed of in the bins. Complaints by residents about the noise resulted in the Clerk contacting DVLA for the vehicle licenced owners’ details – The DVLA has now provided the information and a letter will be sent to the owners requiring them to desist. The matter has also been raised with CDC with a view to possible legal action.

    8.10   War Memorial Garden – Cllr Smith – Points raised

  • The Parish Council would like to thank Mr & Mrs Whitham for all their hard work this year in making the Memorial Garden look its very best for this year’s Remembrance Day Service.
  • The Clerk informed the members that any future ground maintence should be planned for the springtime to allow the contractor to undergo the work in suitable conditions to ensure more permanent repairs                                                                                         VS/Clerk to Action


9.1 Grant request of £250 from The Friends of the Recreation Ground for help with match funding new picnic table expenses.                                                                   Proposed SK Seconded DH Approved

10. FINANCIAL MATTERS Clerk detailed invoiced report for October  were circulated:

and attached for approval of payments in July/Aug/Sept to the value of

£1241.50                                                                                                                                  Approved

     10.1 Monthly Expenditure/Bank Reconciliation – October (Circulated)                                      Approved

     10.2 Budget Proposal for 2020/2021                                           Proposed VS Seconded JB  Approved 


11.  REPORT OF THE PARISH CLERK - report circulated - no questions raised

12.   POLICIES & PROCEDURES REVIEWS – None          

Diary Dates:- YDNP Annual Forum Friday 29th November 2019– Apologies to be sent

                        YLCA Craven Branch Saturday 25th January 2020 Draughton Village Hall - Clerk

Meeting closed at:- 9.07pm

The next Parish Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 12th February 2020 Starting at 7:30pm

Venue: Village Institute, Main Street, Embsay. Contact Parish Clerk: Gillian Alcock Tel:07414850766 or Email:Alcockg@hotmail.co.uk