Unfortunately, this may be the last time this report appears in the Embsay Eastby News.  The Parish Council  would like to personally thank Andrew Wilson who has announced his intention to retire as Editor of the Embsay with Eastby News. This publication has been an invaluable guide and a source of information for many and it is hoped that someone will be able to take up the reins and continue with its publication.  -  though it will be a hard act to follow.

However, this Chairman’s report appears in the Embsay with Eastby website along with the full Minutes of every Parish Council Meeting. www.embsaywitheastbypc.co.uk

The last ordinary Parish Council meeting was on the 11th March 2020.

There was no scheduled April meeting although, as always, the Clerk and councillors were available.

The Annual Parish Council meeting was held remotely via video link this year on  the 13th May 2020 with two members of the public also logging into it. This had to take place in order to elect Councillors to the roles of Chair, Vice-Chair and Working party leads. The Annual (financial) return was also approved and signed. The draft minutes of this meeting are on the Parish Council website. The Annual Report will not be printed this year but will be available to download from the Parish Council website.

Owing to the current ‘lockdown’ situation the Annual Parish meeting has been postponed until a future date can be confirmed.

Just to recap from the report of the March meeting, which was held back, as the Embsay with Eastby News was not published in April.:  At the time the inclement weather had continued, causing more issues in the vicinity of Brackenley Drive. Nathan Clayton from Yorkshire Water’s ‘Reactive Team’ had reported that it was hoped that further surveys would take place in the summer. No confirmation has been received, but it is likely that these time frames may now have slipped.

Discussion is ongoing as to the feasibility of installing ‘flood level’ markers in the known risk spots on Low Lane, Brackenley Lane and Skipton Road. As these are not classed as ‘street furniture’ it is illegal to place them on the path or carriageway unless the land is privately owned.

The Parish Council is also intending to write to NYCC regarding the incident on the bridge leading to Rockline Woods. It hopes that the lady involved in the incident recovered well.

The Parish Council is still waiting on confirmation of a site for the additional defibrillator in the vicinity of the Cavendish.

It had been planned that a meeting would be convened by the Police Neighbourhood team with various outside agencies to discuss and seek possible solutions to the issues of on verge parking and damage in the Dalacres area. Unfortunately, due to illness this meeting has not yet taken place. If you have any issues regarding road or verge conditions, please report these directly on the NYCC website or send all relevant information to the Clerk. The damage to the kerb on Dalacres has been reported directly to NYCC Highways who are taking steps to rectify the situation.

The Parish Council discussed its draft ‘Emergency Plan’ and this will be further detailed at the June meeting. Anticipated roles will require emergency volunteers to work alongside designated councillors, in various areas within the parish and any parishioners wishing to be involved are invited to contact the clerk.

There has also been an amendment to the answers provided to the article “Bending the Editor’s Ear” as the Parish Council learnt that the new PCSO allocated to the parish had now been moved elsewhere. There has yet been no update as to who is to replace her.

The Parish Council has written to the Yorkshire Dales National Park and Craven District Council’s planning department as at present it is unhappy with the lack of responses to queries that have been sent. In addition, the Parish Council is always at pains to request that additional consideration is given, within applications, to drainage issues and it is concerned that in a number of cases these comments appear to have been ignored in decision recommendations. In the light of certain events within the parish the Parish Council intends to clarify with the planning authorities where the priorities lie. Parish Council responses to planning applications can now be found on the Parish Website.

Interestingly, whilst compiling the Annual Report it was noted that over 50 consultation on applications from Craven District Council or the Yorkshire Dales National Park have been received in the past year - all of which have been responded  to. Along with Councillors personal attendances at several Authority Planning committee meetings

The Parish Council’s invitation to meet with residents of Pasture Road and nearby houses was well attended on 26th February and it was agreed that whilst no formal one-way system is in place an informal one would apply, particularly at school opening and closing times and would be adhered to as far as is possible.

With reference for requests for 20 mph zones throughout the parish, current speeds need to be assessed first and so speed boxes are to be requested for Barden Road, Main Street, Pasture Road, East Lane and Shires Lane.  The Parish Council is also considering ‘reminder speed signs’ being placed on the existing entrance signs into both Embsay and Eastby.

The trough at the entrance to Embsay will shortly be removed for refurbishment. Thanks go to resident Anne Dobson for her maintenance of this area.

Work on the fencing and beck side in the Nature reserve and alongside the Millholme path has been completed. The Nature Reserve team are currently seeking ‘younger’ volunteers. There are number of areas in which you could be involved, and anyone interested is asked to contact either Councillor Tom Lovatt on 07734254852 or John Oldfield 07970158578. Whilst, at the time of writing, the Recreational Ground and Playground have to remain closed until Government guidelines indicate otherwise, the Nature Reserve has now been reopened – and (with distancing guidelines in place) you are invited to visit once again

The last scheduled meeting of the Parish Council was held remotely on Wednesday 10th June 2020 at 7.30.  Minutes for this meeting will be available on the website and, when feasible, a paper copy will be placed in the Library Folder.

Whilst uncertainty remains about recommencement of public meetings you are asked to check the website or notice boards for the next meeting date.

As always, any comments or enquiries can also be made via the Parish Council web site or directly to the Clerk.

Thanks must go to all of you in the Parish who have volunteered and supported others during this lockdown we are going through – and to the many who regularly turn out for the Thursday Night thanks – much appreciated by all.

Judith Benjamin (Chair)