Parish Council report up to November

The Parish Council met on Wednesday October 10th and it was encouraging to see a new attendee from the village at the meeting. Although in this instance he was merely an observer, members of the public are welcome to attend Council meetings and time is allocated on the agenda for public participation.

Most of the items covered were routine but a couple of general reminders may be useful.

The full minutes are always available on the Parish Council website, along with additional links and information. 

The Speedwatch deployments continue to flag up speeding drivers, with one driver being reported to the Traffic Bureau for the second time. Speeding is always a source of concern for parish residents and with the clock change at the end of October there is even more need for care, particularly with the  volume of pedestrians at school times.

The Main Street car park is well used and still receives favourable comments. Please be aware though that parking on the double yellow lines or pavement at the car park entrance, falls within the jurisdiction of the parking warden (not the Parish Council) and you may well find yourself being issued with a penalty notice.

On a brighter note the War Memorial and Garden have had a 'makeover' - including a refurbishment of the lettering - finished in time for the Armistice Centenary weekend (of which more will appear elsewhere in this edition of the News). Thanks go to Cllrs Smith, Kirkbride and Hill and volunteers    Mr and Mrs Whitham for all their support to bring this to fruition. Funding for a small repair to the Memorial itself has been approved and subject to some clarification will be started after the weekend of the 10 /11th November. The Remembrance Service will take place on November 11th and the Parish Council will be laying a wreath, with additional wreaths from parish organisations and family members connected to remembered soldiers. Hopefully,  this year the garden improvements will improve visibility for all attending...unfortunately the weather is not under the Parish Council's control!

Activities for the Armistice weekend have been planned to include events which aim to appeal to all ages. Please support those who have put a lot of voluntary effort into making the weekend the success it should be.

A disappointing lack of general support for the maintenance of a raised flower bed in the recreation ground has meant a slight rethink in plans. (If you would like to be involved with its maintenance please contact Mark Walters or  ). However, pleasingly the collection at Tesco for a grant towards the drainage scheme is being well supported. Thanks go to all who have contributed.

Finally, the Parish Council has reviewed the number of public meetings held during the year and from January 2019 these will reduce in number from 10 to 7, although working parties will continue to meet and report to the Clerk and Chair regularly as at present. Any matter needing urgent resolution may result in an extraordinary meeting being called but hopefully this will not arise. Councillors will continue to be available and the council can be contacted via email or phone to the Clerk, with regular updates appearing on the website and in the 'News'. All statutory required meetings e.g. Annual Parish meeting will continue. The revised list will be published in the January edition of the 'News.

Anyone seeking to be a member of the Council is invited to contact the Clerk - details above.

The next meeting of the Council will be held  on November 14th in the Methodist Chapel from 7.30pm and all parishioners or visitors are invited to attend. (The next full council meeting will be 13th February 2019).

Judith Benjamin (chair).