Parish Council report up to July 2019

The Parish Council met on Wednesday 10th July 2019, prior to the summer break.

The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council is at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 9th October 2019. This will be held in the Methodist Chapel and the Agenda will be posted prior to the meeting.

Parishioners are invited to attend to listen or put forward questions or comments.

Although formal meetings are not held every month the Council is always available via the Clerk or by contact with Councillors. All contact and up to date information, including minutes, are available on the website.

Unfortunately, complaints of inconsiderate parking on Pasture Road and Main Street continue – and this month damage to a parked car has occurred. The Parish Council has been advised that at present Area 5 Highways do not believe any action, such as a one-way system or a no waiting zone, is required. However, the Parish Council, as mentioned last month, intends to conduct a consultation exercise on several issues currently under its consideration, once these are formulated. 

The speed of vehicles travelling through the parish is of concern to parishioners and the Parish Council has agreed to renew the current contract for the use of the VAS sign, under the same terms as at present. ‘Speedwatch’ currently monitors speeds throughout the parish and during the first week in July five drivers (over a period of two hours) were reported as driving over the permitted speed limit of 30 mph. Please take extra care with road speed during the school holidays.

I am pleased to report that the refurbishment of the Elm Tree flower bed has been started and further planting will take place soon. Thanks go to Ian Vokes-Tilley and Karen Hodgson for taking on this project. In Eastby, the summer planting of the trough has been taken over by Liz Roodhouse. The Parish Council would like to express its thanks to Ann Briggs for all her contributions to the upkeep and maintenance of the ‘Eastby trough’ in recent years. Without the band of volunteers, the parish would be much less attractive than it is. As always, anyone wishing to join them can contact either myself or the Clerk for further information.

The Friends of the Recreation Ground are in the process of submitting grant applications for the development of this well used and valued facility. Not an easy task – but they, as volunteers, have established the Charity in order to benefit the whole parish. Anyone wishing to join them can contact them through

Regrettably, one cause for concern this month is the Recycling station in the Main Street car park. The bins have been well used by residents, adhering to the conditions of use. However, following the weekend of July 7th it was noted that the bins had been used for the disposal of bottles and cans, packed in clear plastic bags, to a level far exceeding ‘normal’ use. This was, hopefully, a one off.

Obviously, the Parish Council has no control over who does use the facility, but it is intended for recyclable, householder waste only, primarily for the residents of Embsay and Eastby.  If this condition is breached Craven may impose an extra charge on the Parish Council for the collection costs and ultimately the facility may have to be withdrawn. The Village Institute and other establishments have their own separate arrangements for waste collection including Trade Licences and NO Trade waste should be put into the “bring bins”. 

Finally, please make sure that your house is safe and secure - as recently there has been a spate of apparent opportunist break ins. If you know your neighbours are away, please be extra vigilant on their behalf. Embsay and Eastby are still relatively ‘safe’ places to live and the parish can take pride in its community spirit and support of others. It is possible to sign up to the North Yorkshire Police community messaging scheme which provides notice of news in your local neighbourhood. Further information can be found at The Parish Council does intend to write formally to both the Police Superintendent and the Police and Crime Commissioner to express its concern at the apparent lack of adequate policing at present – although it does acknowledge that this is a national issue.

By the time this edition reaches you, in August, hopefully the weather will have  “picked up” and you will have been able to enjoy events in the parish and beyond such as visiting The Fairy Trail, whilst also making plans for the Annual Village Show and Fete on Saturday 7th September.2019.   Please remember, also, that onwards from the end of July (when the main bird breeding season has finished) is a good time to cut back those overhanging trees and shrubs which may be causing inconvenience to both motorists and pedestrians.

Judith Benjamin