Parish Council report up to March 2020

The Parish Council met on February 12th, 2020 in the Village Institute, with just 5 residents attending.

Nathan Clayton from Yorkshire Water’s ‘Reactive Team’ attended the meeting and was able to clarify both the present position and future plans to alleviate the problems being experienced on Brackenley Drive. He has agreed to keep the Council fully informed of progress. This may also involve work by North Yorkshire County Council Highways.  Follow up surveys will take place in the summer when the weather will hopefully, be more reliable.  A request was also made for residents to check that no wipes etc are being put into the sewerage system as this is adding to the problem.

The Parish Council has agreed to provide an additional defibrillator in the vicinity of the Cavendish and has also made a grant to the Allotment Association towards path repairs.

The Parish Council had reported residents’ concerns about a silt build up in the beck near the Cavendish Bridge, to the Environment Agency. This was inspected and deemed not to be in any immediate risk of causing flooding. The Environment Agency will be writing to the riparian owners to advise them of their responsibilities. The Parish Council is also taking steps to clear the debris build up near Millholme / Primrose Glen bridge.

There has been a lot of distress caused recently to residents as a result of grass verge damage caused, in the main, by parking and contractors’ vehicles. The Parish Council is responsible for keeping the verge grass cut and wishes to remind residents that their assistance in protecting the verges would be appreciated. A contractor has an obligation to protect the verge and reinstate any damage caused. If you have any issues regarding road conditions, please report these directly on the NYCC website or send all relevant information to the Clerk.

Following on from the recent flooding incidents in the parish, the Parish Council will be revisiting its ‘Emergency Plan.’ This will be an agenda item at the next meeting. Anyone wishing to be involved is invited to attend.

The Parish Council has also agreed to the use of social media (Embsay Update) as a means of contacting parishioners in necessary circumstances e.g. requests for information, advance notices and more immediate road closure notices etc.

Due to a printing glitch last month an important part of a paragraph was missed out of the Parish Council report. The full paragraph should have read:

“With regard to planning matters the Parish Council, as statutory consultees, would like all applicants, other than those altering their dwellings under ‘permitted development rights’ to be aware that it will confirm that all completed works meet the specifications agreed in the consent granted to the original application. If there are any significant discrepancies the Parish Council will advise the relevant planning authority accordingly. Whilst not wishing to seem overly dictatorial the Parish Council is keen to ensure that planning conditions are adhered to, for the benefit of all residents in the parish”.

Following on from the article by the editor in last month’s News “Bending the Editor’s Ear” here, hopefully, are some helpful answers:

  • “Why can I find nowhere to park?”

The Parish Council is aware of parking difficulties within the parish and particularly in the vicinity of the Village Institute. The car park is a free service to all users – residents and visitors alike with no preferences.  It may be that some form of car share could be devised or assistance sought through ‘Good Neighbours’ who can arrange transport, within the parish, for a small donation.

  • “Embsay is being spoilt by in-fill housing development:

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee for planning applications made to Craven District Council and the Yorkshire Dales National Park. However, the final decision rests with the planning committees of both authorities and, in the case of some developments in Embsay, with the Planning Inspectorate. The Parish Council responds in writing to all applications and, where applicable, will attend the committee - where it is allowed five minutes to state its case, verbally. The Parish Council would ask that if you have any comments to make about an application (for or against) you put it in writing to the relevant authority. Planning application details are posted on the Parish Council website.

  • “What can be done about access problems on Main Street and Pasture Road”

The Parish Council held a meeting with representatives of the school, roads and parents concerned on February 26th, after this report went to press. A report will follow next month.

  • “Walking in and out of Skipton scares me.”

Embsay with Eastby Speedwatch holds regular speed monitoring sessions in conjunction with the Police Traffic bureau and all miscreants are reported. The speed of traffic allowed is regulated by NYCC highways. The speed of the road is determined by its nature i.e. rural, main etc and this in turn determines the allowable speed. – although the Parish Council continues to press for a reduction on some roads.

  • “Why have North Yorkshire (police) abandoned our villages”

PCSO Ruth Pearson has been seconded to another job in Skipton.  She continues to keep a watchful eye, as evidenced by her monthly reports in the Embsay with Eastby News.  The Parish Council has recently been informed that a new PCSO has been recruited so that there may soon be a more obvious visual presence once again.

  • “We need an early and late bus”

The Parish Council have held a number of meetings with representatives from NYCC Transport with a view to improving the bus service between Eastby, Embsay and Skipton. Whilst initial talks looked promising it was soon apparent that any solution would not give us the service we requested and it would also prove costly. The Parish Council would have had to stand the cost and without a significant increase in the precept this would not have been viable. For these reasons’ discussions were closed.

  • “Isn’t the crime rate on the rise”

PCSO Pearson quoted in her last newsletter report that North Yorkshire is the second safest county to live in regarding chances of becoming a victim of crime…..West Yorkshire has the highest percentage” Whilst there was an apparent spike in crime in the summer of last year this does seem to have abated… fingers crossed. Inspector Crossman-Smith recently advised that there is a fast track response to any emergency.

  • “A train into Skipton from Embsay”

This issue lies with the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway who have put forward suggestions to the relevant bodies with, again, very costly solutions.

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday March 11th  2020 at 7.30, in the Village Institute supper room. All are welcome to attend. Any comments or enquiries can also be made via the Parish Council web site or directly to the Clerk.

Judith Benjamin (Chair)