Parish Council report up to May 2019

The recently ‘elected unopposed’ Parish Council met on Wednesday 8th May 2019 for the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council Meeting.

All members of the council remain the same. I have been re-elected as Chairman but Cllr Shuttleworth, fresh from his resounding success on being re-elected as District Councillor (and congratulations are in order here) has stepped down as Vice Chair, although he intends to remain an active member of the Parish Council.  Cllr David Hill has been elected as Vice Chair.

Annual Parish and Parish Council Meetings are a legal, statutory requirement and the hire of the hall, printing costs of the Report and the additional time for the Clerk are expensive.  It was, therefore, disappointing to see so few parishioners at both meetings.  Councillors continue to hope that this reflects satisfaction, rather than apathy, as Parish matters remain at the core of all the Council’s activities. The Parish Council can be contacted via the website, The Clerk or any member of the Council. In addition, there is an open invitation to attend any Parish Council meeting to either listen, raise questions or comment on any concerns that you may have. 

The next Ordinary Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 12th June 2019 in the Village Institute supper room at the normal time of 7.30 pm.

The Annual Report has been published and copies are available to collect from the Library, Linda’s Hairshop, the Post Office, The Cavendish, The Elm Tree or via a request to The Clerk. The illustrated report covers the activities of the past year as well as including the Un-Audited Draft Financial Statement showing how the precept is managed. Thanks go to The Clerk for all her work over the past year.

Whilst both meetings covered routine matters the members were pleased to hear of a planned event taking place during the summer: the “Embsay Fairy Trail. More details will be announced later. This is to be an open event and the Parish Council wishes the organisers every success. This event is in addition to the Second Village Fete and it is encouraging to see community events being planned.  The Parish Council does have a small budget for grants, should any organisation wish for sponsorship towards an activity. Please contact the Clerk if you would like further information.  

Observant visitors to the Recreation Ground may note that the ‘baby swings’ have been removed. At the recent Inspection they were deemed to need replacement and this is ongoing.

Finally – a number of timely reminders:

Last month mention was made of the need for careful parking on roadsides, particularly on corners.

Residents are legally required to cut back any overhanging branches and vegetation that can cause obstructions.  Please check your gardens and ensure that all vegetation is trimmed back to allow visibility for vehicles and safe passage for pedestrians. There is a minimum height requirement for trees overhanging roads and pathways.  Should the matter be reported to NYCC Highways they have the right to ‘do the job for you’ but this will incur a charge which they will pass onto you. This also applies to any other obstruction caused to the highway or footpaths – and the Parish Council has been advised that legal action will be taken if necessary.

The collector for the Air Ambulance recycling bin has reported that the bin in the car park is well used. Thanks to everyone who contributes, (other recycling charities are also represented in the car park). Whilst it is requested that items are placed in bags before putting in the bin (many items were just loose) his main concern was that although textiles are accepted some were dirty and, in one instance, soiled – not a pleasant task to collect.   It would be a shame to lose this valuable facility.

Judith Benjamin