Parish Council report up to January 2020

The Parish Council met on Wednesday November 13th 2019 in the Methodist Chapel.

However, on the 7th November parishioners would have been forgiven for thinking that the forthcoming Embsay Pantomime had arrived early. In what can only be described as atrocious weather, coupled with late and inaccurate information from North Yorkshire County Highways at Northallerton the beginning of the day’s work to resurface the road from Shires Lane to Kirk Lane, via Main Street was chaotic.  Only with the combined efforts of Councillor Shuttleworth and members of the team from Area 5 (Highways) based at Skipton was some order restored, by lunchtime. By the time this report reaches you it is hoped that the new road markings will also be in place. Some mention should be made of the contractors on site who dealt with the issues as best and as professionally as they could. The Parish Council does intend to write to Highways at Northallerton expressing its concern as to how matters were dealt with and hopefully prevent any similar reoccurrences in the future.

Concerns were expressed at the Parish Council meeting that much of North Yorkshire’s public information can now only be accessed via the internet – thus precluding sections of the community who may have neither access nor expertise. This is an issue that is raised, with County, by County Councillor Quinn on a regular basis.

Much of the past month has been spent in anticipation of communications from outside agencies.

Yorkshire Water continues to investigate the problems with sewerage overspill on Brackenley Drive. The Parish Council has written to Yorkshire Water in support of Councillor Shuttleworth’s efforts – but as yet no satisfactory outcome has been reached. As similar issues have been ongoing since 2001 and with the anticipated building of over one hundred houses in the parish over the next few years there must be a resolution. Please continue to report any incidences to Councillor Shuttleworth, County Councillor Quinn and to Yorkshire Water to add to their files.

It has now been confirmed that there is no power going into the light behind Rockview Terrace. Northern PowerGrid have indicated that they intend to investigate and restore the power by December 19th.  The Elm Tree lights are still awaiting a full inspection, but it is hoped that power there will also be restored in time for the ‘Grand Switch On’ on December 1st.

The Parish Council has been in contact with the Environment Agency to raise parishioner concerns about the build-up of debris and vegetation at Low Bow Bridge, by the Cavendish Arms and the Mill complex and further upstream by the Tannery Bridge.  The Agency has agreed to investigate but at the moment no timescale has been advised.

The Parish Council has been granted a Locality Grant in order to pay for replacement fencing at the back of the car park, bordering onto the fields. The Parish Council would like to thank County Councillor Quinn for her support in this matter.

The Parish Council has itself made a grant to the Friends of the Recreation Ground in order to assist in the purchase of a new picnic table. The Friends have successfully raised monies towards their goal of refurbishing the Recreation Ground but much of this is ‘ring fenced’ for specific projects. Anyone wishing to help raise funds, make a donation or just help in any way is asked to contact

Thanks go this month to Mr and Mrs Whitham and Councillor Smith for all their help in maintaining the Memorial Garden. The Remembrance Service at the Memorial was well attended on November 10th and I’m sure many would have appreciated the fact that their vision was no longer obstructed, as it has sometimes been in the past.

Thanks also to members of the Friends of the Nature Reserve, the Yorkshire Dales National Park and students from Craven College who have completed work on both the Nature Reserve inner path and the refurbishment of the Millholme Tannery path.

A couple of timely reminders: it is disappointing to hear that speeding continues in the parish – with speeds of up to 42 mph being recorded - more so given the move into winter ‘daylight’ hours. Overhanging and protruding branches continue to cause problems, particularly at present on East Lane and so residents are asked to prune these back, wherever possible, to avoid risk to pedestrians, again given the decreasing light that is experienced at this time of year.

The phantom ‘recycler’ using the car park bring bins in a volume suggesting trade waste has been identified. A letter will be sent advising that the bins are paid for by the Parish Council, purely for household recycling and as a parish amenity. Anyone wishing to deposit Trade Waste must contact Craven District Council who will provide the necessary details to apply for a legally required Trade Waste Licence, alongside collection information.

The Parish Clerk and Councillor Smith are to be thanked for their hard work and diligence in drawing up the Draft Budget for the parish for 2020/21. Thanks to careful management this is coming in at a similar level to last year. The Draft Budget will now be sent onto Craven District Council for amendment or ratification and will determine the precept for the next financial year starting in April 2020.

As this report will reach you in early December and the Parish Council does not meet again officially (unless an emergency meeting is called) until February 12th may I take this opportunity, on behalf of all Councillors and the Clerk to wish all parishioners and visitors a Happy Christmas and New Year, thanking you for all your support in the year that is now ‘behind us’.

Judith Benjamin