Parish Council report up to October 2019

As the Parish Council does not meet formally until 7.30 pm on Wednesday October 9th, in the Methodist Chapel, there is relatively little to report this month.

Following concerns by parishioners, regarding the sudden spate of attempted home and car break-ins earlier on in the year the Parish Council wrote to the NY Police authorities requesting their comments. In response, Inspector Lorraine Crossman-Smith and PCSO Ruth Pearson will be attending the October meeting. They have been scheduled to speak early in the meeting, prior to Public Participation, to allow any interested members of the public to ask questions. It is hoped that parishioners will take this opportunity to attend.

The Parish Council will be considering initial requests for next year’s budget from the various working parties, at the October meeting. The budget is set at the end of the year and is used to calculate the precept that will be required  by the parish in 2020-2021. The budget will cover all aspects of the parish administration including the car park and bring bins, the grass cutting and general maintenance as well as the expenses for the day to day running of the council. The Finance working party and Clerk have been successful in the past in maintaining a ‘tight’ yet workable budget to the benefit of all. 

It has also been brought to the attention of the Parish Council that a high volume of Trade Waste is again being disposed of in the bring bins. The vehicle used to transport this waste has been seen and steps are in place to identify the owner. The Parish Council has no wish to see this facility withdrawn but may have to do so if additional charges are imposed by Craven District Council.

Please be aware that the Council has a contractor for grass cutting and this includes the strimming of the grass verges. This has, at times, proved problematic due to the presence of boulders and other items installed by residents to deter kerbside parking. The highways working party has asked that I remind you that the verge is, in most cases, not private property and as such should be kept clear of ALL obstacles, including parked cars, trailers and skips. It would be appreciated if you would ensure that the verges are kept clear or this will result in some not having regular cuts.  The working party is also keen to get your views on speeding and will be giving further details shortly.

There is to be some restoration carried out on the bench leading up to the reservoir – so please be aware that this may be out of use for a short time. Thanks go to Mr Kipling for his offer to refurbish it. As ever the Parish Council would like to thank all volunteers and would encourage anyone wishing to assist in any way to contact the Clerk. (it is also noteworthy that our volunteers carry out many different tasks thereby helping to keep the precept costs down - whilst keeping the parish looking its best.) 

On a more positive note the Parish Council would like to congratulate the organisers of this year’s Annual Village Show and Fete on once again producing a fabulously successful community event, enjoyed by everyone who attended.

The Parish Council is always available via the Clerk or Councillors. Up to date information and contact forms can also be found on the Parish website


Judith Benjamin