Progress Report

Steps fence cleaned and renovated


The Embsay with Eastby Nature Reserve has seen steady progress since our last report. Here's an update;-

Students of Craven College have been busy with the following tasks :-

Removal of ivy and other growth from the fencing, then renovating and repairing it where necessary.

In the meadow area, cutting back a tree (almost pollarding) which was creating an amount of shade.

In the woodland, thinning out of excessive ivy, brambles, tree saplings and seedlings.

Replacing various steps on the external path.

Re-protecting the bench seat inside the entrance.

Finally, clearing the pond of vegetation, which was then laid around the pond edges, to give any creatures a chance to return to the water.

We are grateful to Craven College's Dr Simon Midgley, tutors Michael Myers and Caroline Blackwell with their  students who made a valuable contribution, carried out with much zest and enthusiasm!

Fence rail replacement

Regarding the management of woodland, the programme of tree pruning and surgery by the Friends of the Nature Reserve has continued.  Additionally, this has also involved thinning out of excessive ivy, brambles, tree saplings and seedings, in the same way as the students' work above.  It has let a lot of light in, which will be beneficial for new growth to take place.  Although in places, some ivy still remains to be cleared to make way for growth.



An additional task was dealing with a wind-damaged Horse Chestnut tree, which had split and fallen. The fallen part was as big as a tree itself.  Additionally, the trunk and its remaining boughs were in suspect condition and also needed felling.

The main work of felling and making safe was carried out by Friends of the Nature Reserve, including chain saw operator Tom Lovatt on one day.  A few days later, Embsay villagers Jeremy Tuck (also a chain saw operator) and Neil Danby completed the mopping up operations.

The site is now clear and has revealed a nice looking Oak tree, which had previously been hidden from view.  To mix metaphors, it's an ill wind with a silver lining!!

For more information, please contact John Oldfield on 01756 794416 or Sarah Copeland on 01756 794862.

Tom Lovatt

Neil Danby and Jeremy Tuck

Tree that had been causing shade in the meadow area

The enthusiastic Craven College students, led by Michael Myers on right and Caroline Blackwell in red top.