Embsay Armistice Event

EMBSAY with EASTBY will be commemorating the centenary of the end of the  GREAT WAR 1914-18.The ARMISTICE came into effect at 11am on the        11th Nov 1918


11am  November 11th 2018 will mark 100 years from the end of the 1st World War.

To mark this occasion a number of events will take place in our community.

This year it is the turn of the Methodist Chapel to hold the Service of Remembrance for the worshippers of St Marys as well as their own.

The Service will start at 10am. At 10.45am the congregation will walk to the War Memorial on Main Street for the laying of wreaths.

Tea and Coffee will be served in the Village Hall immediately afterwards rather than back at the Chapel. This will give attendees the opportunity to view the ‘Displays’ set up by the local Historical Society, reflecting the impact of the War on society in general and the residents of Embsay with Eastby in particular.

This Display will also be in situ from 11am on Saturday 10th November through til 5pm, and will include from 2pm to 3pm a totally free show called ‘BACK TO DEAR OLD BLIGHTY’.  This will highlight some of the significant events that took place at home and away during the War years.    

On the Sunday the display will also be available up ‘til 1pm but will then be  taken away and the Village Hall will be set up for Afternoon Tea for all residents, friends and family from 2pm onwards. Refreshments will be light but there will be no charge. There will also be opportunity to try some of the recipes and foods that became part of the Country’s diet towards the end of the War because of shortages.

Whilst you are enjoying the refreshments various performances will take place, both on and off stage, for your entertainment. There will be a small playlet acted out by members of the Embsay with Eastby Home Guard  under the title  of ‘DAD’  S other ARMY’.


As you probably know during World War 1 our Steam Railway ran beyond Bolton Abbey and connected with  Ilkley, Otley and Leeds as well as Skipton.

After the War and over a period of time demobbed soldiers were given railway warrants in order to return to their home towns. They didn’t all return at once but when it was known a number would be due back on a certain train then residents would gather at the station to welcome them back.

There were a significant number of Embsay with Eastby residents that had either volunteered, or were called up to serve, and were still alive at the end of the war. You may have heard of the Skipton Academy students who re-enacted the departure to war from Settle station in 2014, and gained many plaudits for their performance including at the latest Grassington Festival. The master in charge of that exercise has undertaken to have a group of his students re-enact the return by train of soldiers in uniform and in a different ‘state of repair’ to Embsay station. There will be a welcoming home performance on the station platform with a short speech by a local dignitary.

The first train arrival into Embsay Station with the soldiers on board will be at 1pm on Sunday 11th. After welcoming them home residents will be able to catch an ‘old-fashioned’ bus back to the Village Hall for the Afternoon Tea Show. (See the Bus Timetable below.)  The performance of the Skipton Academy Soldiers will be repeated on the train due to arrive at Embsay at 2.30pm, again if you wish to join the Afternoon Tea in the Village Hall there will be a bus available or you can make your own way.

More information regarding this event can be found on the steam railway website


The Afternoon Tea will finish off at about 4.30pm with a chance to join in the singing of popular and well known songs of the time.

Providing the weather is reasonable it is then intended to re-gather around the War Memorial at Dusk, for a final acknowledgement of the sacrifice of the twenty two soldiers who lost their lives in the Great War. 


                        On Sat Nov 10th and Sunday Nov 11th 2018     


SATURDAY 10th:      11AM-5PM                  DISPLAYS-WW1                                VILLAGE HALL                                                                (includes memorabilia, photos, cameo performances)

                                2PM-3PM         THE ‘BACK TO DEAR OLD BLIGHTY’ SHOW   VILLAGE HALL

                                                                (selection of readings, anecdotes and songs)


SUNDAY 11th:                10AM                   SERVICE –METHODIST CHAPEL                              

                                10AM-1PM                      DISPLAYS-WW1                           VILLAGE HALL


                                 10.45AM                   SERVICE AT MEMORIAL

                                11.15AM                     TEA/COFFEE/BICKIES                  VILLAGE HALL

                                01.00PM      RETURN of SOLDIERS RE-ENACTMENT -1   EMBSAY STATION

                                02.00PM              ‘COMMUNITY GET-TOGETHER’           VILLAGE HALL

                                                    (with  Afternoon Tea, Songs and the E with E Home Guard

                                                                     presenting  DADS other ARMY)

                                02.30PM      RETURN of SOLDIERS RE-ENACTMENT-2   EMBSAY STATION

                                05.00PM                       DUSK AT THE MEMORIAL.

Skipton to Embsay Special Vintage Bus Service

For Armistice Day Commemorations

Sunday 11/11/18


Depart from Statue, Skipton High Street


Arrive Embsay Village Hall


Depart Embsay Village Hall


Arrive Embsay Station



Depart Embsay Station



Arrive/Depart Skipton High Street


Arrive Embsay Village Hall


Depart Embsay Village Hall


Arrive Embsay Station



Depart Embsay Station



Arrive Embsay Village Hall


Depart Embsay Village Hall


Arrive Embsay Station



Depart Embsay Station



Arrive/Depart Skipton High Street


Arrive Embsay Station



Depart Embsay Station



Arrive/Depart Embsay Village Hall



Arrive/Depart Skipton High Street


Arrive Station


Depart Station



Arrive Skipton High Street