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Main Street Car Park Embsay Bye-Laws 2018

 1 Car Park Bye-Laws 2018

The Members of Embsay with Eastby Parish Council in exercise of the powers conferred on them under Section 36 of the Road Traffic Act 1994 (No. 7 of 1994) hereby make the following bye-laws as to the use of the car park provided by them within Embsay of the functional area of the Main Street Car Park adjoining the public roads as set out in the definition of 'car park' in bye-law (1) of these bye-laws. 


Area of Application

(1)  These Bye-laws shall apply to a 23hr limit public car-park provided by the Council as specified hereto within the Parish Boundary of the functional area of Main Street Embsay 

(2)  In these Bye-Laws 'car-park' means the car-park provided by the Council at:  Main Street Embsay.

(3)  Paragraph (1) of this bye-law shall not operate so as to prohibit the use of the car park for access to, or egress from any premises adjacent to the car-park, where the proprietor has right of such access, or egress from the said premises by virtue of an agreement with the Council.



3 (1) In these Bye-laws: - "Embsay with Eastby Parish Council " means the elected members of Embsay with Eastby Parish Council. "Business Hours" means the period of 24hours from Monday to Sunday. (Unless with written approval of the Parish Council Officer).  "Disabled Person's parking bay" has the meaning assigned to it by Article 4 (1) of the Traffic and Parking Regulations of 1997.

"Disabled Person's parking permit" means a permit granted under the aforementioned Article 4. "Disabled Person" has the meaning assigned to such a person by Article 43(1) of the Traffic and Parking Regulations of 1997. Car-park which are all clearly marked by signage at this location "Parking Bay" means a space in a car park intended for the parking of one vehicle or where the space is intended for the parking of motorcycles, or of more than one vehicle and so indicated by surface or other signs or markings.


Conditions for Parking 

3 (2) No person shall park or cause to be parked in the car park a vehicle in such a position or in such condition or in such circumstances that it would cause or be likely to cause danger to other persons using the car park or to obstruct the free flow of traffic within the car park.

3. (3) A person shall not park or cause to be parked in the car-park a vehicle in such position that it or any portion of it extends from one parking bay to another. Vehicles must be parked within the marked bays only.

3. (4) A person shall not overhaul or carry out repairs to a vehicle while it is parked in the car-park save where it is necessary to do so in order to enable the vehicle to be removed from the car-park.

3. (5) A vehicle while parked in the car-park shall not be used for the sale of goods, tickets or any service in or from the vehicle or as an office, nor shall any such vehicle be offered or displayed for sale or for hire or as a prize. The display of any signs, advertising material or notices are prohibited.

3. (6) A person shall not make any unnecessary noise by means of, or in relation to a vehicle while it is parked in a car-park or by means of any equipment fitting or instrument fitted to or carried on the vehicle or any loudspeaker or radio, in or on, or in any-way connected with the vehicle.

3. (7) A person shall not use the car park for any purpose other than for parking of a mechanically propelled vehicle

3. (8) A person shall not park a vehicle in a Disabled Person’s Parking Bay without having displayed thereon a Disabled Person’s Parking Permit and is parked for the convenience of the person to whom that permit was granted.

3.(9) A person shall not consume alcohol or use drugs within the boundary of the car park.





Non-application of these bye-laws to certain vehicles

 These bye-laws shall not apply to: 

4. (1) A vehicle being used in connection with the removal of an obstruction to traffic, the maintenance, improvement or reconstruction of a public road, the provision, alteration or repair of a main drain, pipe or apparatus for the supply of gas, oil, water or electricity or of a telegraph, telephone or communications line or conduit or the provision of a traffic sign;

4. (2 )A fire brigade vehicle, an ambulance, or a vehicle being used by a member of the Police or a traffic warden in the performance of his/her duties as such member or warden.


5. (1) A person shall not throw, place or leave any bottle, or any broken glass, nail, litter or other substance or material on or in the car park, and no person shall at any time play ball or any game in a car park.

5. (2) A caravan, motor caravan, motor home, camper van, caravanette     or other vehicle used for trade or residential purposes shall not be parked in the car park between the hours of 8p.m. and 8a.m.  


Compliance with lawful direction or request of authorised persons

6. (1) Every person using this car park shall comply with any lawful direction given by an officer of the Council or any member of the Police in relation to the parking of a vehicle in or its removal from the car park or in relation to any of these byelaws.


6. (2) A person shall not in the car park wilfully obstruct, disturb or interrupt an agent, officer or servant of the Council in the execution of his or her duty, including the execution of any work in connection with the laying out or maintenance of any part of a car park by the council staff or agents.


6.(3) Any vehicle left in situate for a period of 14days without Council permission will be classed as abandoned and will be removed at cost to owner. ALL vehicles without Tax/MOT will be reported to DVLA.





Commencement Date

These byelaws shall come into operation on                   2018.


A person who contravenes these Bye-Laws shall be guilty of an offence in accordance with Section 36(8) of the Road Traffic Act 1994.


Made and Adopted by Embsay with Eastby Parish Council


on this                of                   2018.




Present at seal of Embsay with Eastby Parish Council was affixed hereto;




  Judith Benjamin                                 Brian Shuttleworth ___________________________  ___________________________  Chairman of the Parish Council         Vice- chair of the Parish Council 



Gillian Alcock


Parish Clerk

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