NEW UNITARY COUNCIL –    What will change and when?

The new Unitary council will officially start in April 2023. Until then, services will continue to be provided by NYCC and the seven district or borough councils.

Spring 2022 - the government has to agree the Structural Changes Order. This will include the name of the new council, the new electoral wards and how many councillors there will be.

May 2022 – elections will take place, which will be run as they would normally for a County Council election. The councillors elected will serve for one year as county councillors for the existing North Yorkshire County Council and will then continue on for another four years as county councillors for the new authority, from April 2023. District and borough councillors will continue in their current capacity until April 2023.

April 2023 - the Unitary council comes into effect. District and borough Councils, as such, will cease to exist.

All services run, and assets owned, by the seven district and borough councils will be transferred to the new council - unless these have been previously allocated to Parish Councils’ control. Each Parish Council must undertake steps to take over the responsibility for services /assets before April 2023.

Main Street Car Park:  Background

This is a community facility. The Parish Council negotiated a 25-year lease with the owners (CDC) in 2017, with 5-year rental reviews. The adjoining field is also owned by CDC, with public access and grazing rights. However, this may change - if these assets become the property of the New Council.

Community Interest

This is a well-used and much needed community facility. To lose it would be a great shame.

However, in order to present its case to CDC and be successful in obtaining both the car park and field as Community Assets, the Parish Council must have proof from local residents that the Car Park is essential and necessary.


  • The New Council will honour the remaining 19-year lease with no rental increases but would review every 5 years.
  • The New Council may terminate the lease at any time (with compensation) and retain the car park but impose an unknown level of charges – with no direct benefit to the community.
  • The New Council may terminate the lease at any time (with compensation) and sell all non-profit making assets for development.

The Parish Council would like to obtain both the car park and the field for future community use – but cannot proceed without identifiable community support.

Options for the Parish.

  1. 1.     Do nothing and “hope for the best”. Let the remaining lease run with the new Unitary Council owners and hope that they will honour the remaining 19 years.
  1. 2.     Request that CDC transfer, free of charge, both the Car Park and the field to a New Community Trust.

It is within CDC’s remit to do that if it wishes to do so.

This would ultimately result in charges for maintenance etc – but prices would be kept at a minimum. This option would be beneficial to the parish, as the Community Trust would set the pricing structure.

The Parish Council would also require proof of commitment from Parishioners willing to become members of the Community Trust.